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Access issues inherited from 新昌石狗洞 Xinchang - Shigoudong

Apparently all squared with local government

Ethic inherited from 新昌石狗洞 Xinchang - Shigoudong

Well bolted with couple trad lines


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developed in 2010 - 2011


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Grade Route

在第 7个挂片处多打了一 个挂片,无梅龙锁用作分段攀爬

FA: 2010

1st Pitch: 27m 10B 5.9 2nd Pitch: 14m 5B 5.11b 3rd Pitch: 18m 6B 5.9

FA: 2010

FA: 2010

1st Pitch: 30m 10B 5.7 2nd Pitch: 28m 13B 5.11b

High in the grade!

与13号线共顶 13 runners?

Tree Belay 顶部有可靠的树木做锚点

顶部有可靠的树木做锚点 Tree Belay

1st Pitch: 15m, 5.9; 中间要横切10米左右 2nd Pitch: 25m, 5.10 顶部有可靠的树木做锚点 60单绳无法直接降到地 1st Pitch: 15m, 5.9; middle to cross about 10 meters 2nd Pitch: 25m, 5.10 reliable top anchor trees, 60m single rope can not directly rap to ground


Check out what is happening in 第一阶段 Phase 1.