苏州天池山 Tianchi Hill

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Small crag with a dozen of short lines developed in the hills west of Suzhou


Two sectors with a total of around 12 lines ranging from 5.8 to 5.12d. Short walls going from 5 to 15 meters.



By car, exit from Tianchi Hill Exit on Suzhou Raocheng Gaosu (Suzhou Round Highway). After you get off the highway, just follow the Tianchi Hill direction signs.

Tianchi Rock Climbing Site is located about 1km south of Tianchi Hill scenery spot.

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Development started on 2009, by Suzhou local climbers.



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Grade Route

FA: 乔石

Set by 小美, 老熊 & 乔石, 2009

FA: 刘常忠

Set by 小美, 眼睛, 小山, 河马 & 爬虫, 2009

Set by 小美, 眼睛, 小山, 河马, 刘常忠 & 刘洋, 2009

FA: 小美

Set by 小美, 大师兄, 锅盖头 & 弗雷泽, 2009

FA: 刘常忠

Set by 小美, 普罗旺斯, 小山 & 酷酷鱼, 2009

FA: 刘常忠

Set by 刘常忠, 小美 & 刘洋, 2010

FA: 叶向阳

Set by 刘常忠, 叶向阳 & 小美, 2010

FA: 孟飞

Set by 刘常忠 & 叶向阳

FA: 啊华

Set by 刘常忠 & 叶向阳

FA: 小美

Set by 眼睛

FA: 啊华

Set by 刘常忠 & 叶向阳

FA: 啊华

Set by 刘常忠 & 叶向阳

FA: 啊华

Set by 刘常忠 & 叶向阳

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