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The circuit was re-drawn in 2016. -- On going harmonisation! This is the second of the two orange circuits at 91.1., located up on the hill. Don't confuse it with the lower one.

Ethic inherited from Fontainebleau

The sandstone is fragile. To preserve the area (and the climbs) please follow the following rules: (1) Use chalk with caution and brush it off afterwards. (2) Chalk should only be used on hands, never directly on the rock! (3) Clean your climbing shoes on a doormat before any climb. This is essential to limit rock erosion.



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Grade Route

#Orange-2016 Former Orange 16 (#Orange-19xx)

#Orange-2016 Former Orange 22 (#Orange-19xx)

#Orange-2016 #Orange-19xx Former Orange 24

#Orange-19xx Not in the 2016 circuit.


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