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Thaurac, it is a magnificent site as we love them, with all the levels, all orientation, all the styles. But well Thaurac, it is a little complicated. It is immense, there is an enormous potential, routes everywhere, cave, all levels of the evolution of the climber as the equipment, then necessarily, the rundown... It is not simple. There is well but a great number of new sectors were born since its last known edition. To simplify, we find there: quite a lot of multi pitch routes, most of them more or less equipped ground of adventure, and many more "sports" sectors. In these sectors, the equipment is generally good, and when they do not appear on the rundown, the openers drew one at feet of ways.

Thaurac and adjacent sites, some topos (in French):


Reach Ganges at the North of Montpelier and on the West of Nimes. A hair in the South is Saint Bauzille de Putois, where we set off to the parking lot of the cave 'des demoiselles' for the most part of sectors (except Wailing Wall for which it is necessary to park on the road of the Ganges) .On can also climb on the other bank of the Hérault river, in Euzière, by parking to Agonès (face east).


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