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Access: Covid 19 - Aktuelle REGELUNGEN (Stand 26.05.2020)

Bund und Länder haben weitere Öffnungen des öffentlichen Lebens beschlossen. Einschränkungen und Regeln bleiben aber bestehen. Die konkrete Ausgestaltung obliegt den Bundesländern, die dies teilweise bis auf Stadt- und Landkreisebene durchreichen. Eine "Übersicht" ist daher mittlerweile unmöglich.

Indoor: Die ersten Hallen sind wieder offen - teilweise nur Außenbereiche. Wie wann wo was unter Einhaltung welcher unterschiedlichen Vorgaben, erfragt am besten bei den Betreibern selbst.

Ansonsten und speziell Outdoor gelten die unterschiedlichen Regelungen der Bundesländer.

Verhaltet Euch darüber hinaus und auch unabhängig von "Politik" ganz allgemein verantwortlich und vernünftig! Wie dies bspw. aussehen kann, dazu hat sich auch der DAV Gedanken gemacht und dies in den DAV-Empfehlungen vom 05.05.2020 zum Bergsport mitgeteilt.

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Two walls with a variety of routes in the 7th and 8th grades UIAA.


The left part of the crag is a vertical wall with a bulge in the middle and a slightly overhanging top part. The routes are mainly in the 8th grade. The right wall harbours the classic dihedral, which separates the routes in the 7th grade (left) from the ones in the 8th grade (right). The protection is not always good, but you can judge it relatively well from below. Also, the rock quality varies, with some fragile structures which should be treated carefully. Overall, there are some gems to be found.

Access issues inherited from Frankenjura Nord

Seasonal closures for protected birds

Zoning concept

  • Zone 1: NO climbing
  • Zone 2: climbing on existing routes
  • Zone 3: new route possible

Please respect signs and zoning list


Park in Doos. Cross the bridge across the Wiesent opposite the therapy centre, then turn left (east) towards Rabeneck. Follow the hiking trail until you reach a small hydroelectric power plant. You can see the crag above you to the right. After a few meters, a faint track leads uphill to its base.

GPS: 11.31183, 49.81685

Ethic inherited from Frankenjura Nord

  • The limestone is soft – please clean your shoes from dirt in order to avoid polished handholds and steps.
  • Don't toprope directly through bolts – use your own material.
  • Clean chalk and tickmarks with a brush.
  • Don't leave toilet paper.
  • Pick up rubbish.
  • No unnecessary noise.
  • No camp fire and bivvy.
  • Park considerately (tractor should be able to pass also at the weekend).
  • Smoking in the forests is forbidden from March 1 until October 31 by law.
  • No publishing of boulder blocks.



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Grade Route

FFA: Martin Treiber, 1998

FFA: Sebastian Schwertner, 2011

FFA: Sebastian Schwertner, 2011

FFA: Gerhard Kireth, 2001

FFA: Tom Heinze, 1989

FFA: Tom Heinze, 1989

FFA: Gerald Böff, 2002

FFA: Roland Filipp & Bertram Schmidt

FFA: Gerald Böff, 2001

FFA: Richard Rieff

FFA: Martin Grulich

FFA: Thomas Arnold, 1999


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