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In the Sun all day, in winter even the base of the cliff gets sun.


Long and exciting face climbing in a great setting, only the closeness to the road distracts a bit.

Access issues inherited from Frankenjura Nord

Seasonal closures for protected birds

Zoning concept

  • Zone 1: NO climbing
  • Zone 2: climbing on existing routes
  • Zone 3: new route possible

Please respect signs and zoning list


Drive from Pottenstein towards Behringersmühle, park in Tüchersfeld at the designated Hikers-Parking. Walk back down to the B470, and head upriver towards the campsite for about 100m. As the walking track starts to your left there is a steep little path up to the bottom of the crag, 50m. GPS: 11.36349, 49.78489

Where to stay

Campsite in Tüchersfeld, or another Campsite at Bärenschlucht.

Ethic inherited from Frankenjura Nord

  • The limestone is soft - please clean your shoes from dirt in order to avoid polished handholds and steps.
  • Don't toprope directly through bolt - use your own carabiner.
  • Clean chalk and tickmarks with a brush.
  • Don't leave toilet paper
  • Pick up rubbish
  • No noise
  • No camp fire and bivvy
  • Park considerately (tractor should be able to pass also at weekend)
  • Smoking in the forests is forbidden from 1. march til 31. october by law.
  • No publishing of boulder blocks



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Grade Route

No one really knows anything about this one, we wonder if it even exists..

FFA: Stefan Löw, 1996

Meanders between two lines, starts on the left, then traverses right after the first bolt, clip another two and then under the rooflet traverse left again. Climb up "Ruck Zuck" to the last bolt and veer right back in line of "Abschneider".

FFA: Stefan Löw, 1985

Somewhat strange to find such a short line at a crag like this.

FFA: Joshua Schulz, 2001

Starts with the following 5 routes but stays left right after the start. It meets "Marathon 85" at the 3rd bolt; then straight up.

Starts with the others, then the middle line through the rooflet and leftwards to the chains of Dauerbrenner.

FFA: Stefan Löw, 1989

Up the crack of Hardcore Biking and then left to join Durchzug.

The line on the right, past the crack in the middle and straight up.

The rightmost line at the crag can be protected with a wire before the high first bolt. It steeply crosses "Alter Weg" at the top and finishes at an anchor to the left.

Ends at the top of alter Weg without the exiting finish of the original line. a tad easier.


Check out what is happening in Tüchersfelder Wand.