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The cliff is also known as "Gran diedro di Dro" and in fact it looks like a giant dihedral. The cliff is split into two parts: The south face which is known for it's brittle and extreme routes and the east face (or central sector) which is much easier and accessible. Because of the good rock in the east face a lot of new routes were developed in the last years and in the lower sector 'Lo Scudo' many sport climbs were set up.


Park at the Lago Bagatolli and follow the gravel road until the second turn. Then head left. For the sectors 'L'Antiscudo' and 'Guglia Solidarnosc' turn right at a boulder where Antiscudo is written. Follow the steep trail directly beneath the face. For the central sector (east face), Lo Scudo and the south face pass the boulder on the gravel road until it rises. At the end of the incline follow a path to the right.


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