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Access issues

Be prepared to share the trails with mountain bikers and walkers.


From Via Aurelia, turn across the train track towards Borgio Verezzi and make an immediate right onto Via Nazario Sauro. Continue a short distance then turn right on to the narrow Via della Cornice.

At the end of Via della Cornice GPS 44.1606,8.3195 you will find a hairpin turn back to the left, a private parking lot on the left and a dirt track to the right.

Take the single dirt track to a widening big enough to park three to four cars at GPS 44.1622,8.3224 (if this is full you there is space for one car on the dirt track just behind the private car park). Be cautious on the dirt track, some cliff side sections were breaking when I was there in September 2017.

From the parking area, walk roughly another 100m where you will reach a T junction. The nature trail starts to the left and the climbing is accessed on the right. On the right you will reach a fork, the right leads to Cava di Rio Fine and the left leads to all the other sectors.



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