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A marvellous seaside cliff with many smaller sectors. Dark grey basalt, sports and trad climbing.


Sport and trad climbing on a marvellous seaside cliff. The sectors are dispersed along the coast just below the town of Jogasaki and realtively easy to reach. Lots of the climbing is steep on very interesting features, remember, this rock is only a few thousand years old! But you can also find cracks and vertical, technical climbing. Check out the gear as most is very exposed to the salt of the sea! As for the season: the rock is dark and the orientation mostly South, South East or South West, so the colder months of the year are preferred.

Access issues inherited from Japan

Some spots have access issues as many spots near crowded places elsewhere. So please ensure you follow the recommendations of local climbers and behave responsibly.


Jogasaki is located on Izu Hanto - you can't miss it as it is a major tourist destination. As it is a touristy town, most parking is paid. There is a beautiful hiking trail on top of the cliff that also leads you to most sectors. Some of them require rapelling down to a beach, so be prepared.

Ethic inherited from Japan

There`s not a lot of information about climbing in Japan in English. Much of the information is only available in Japanese - or of course here on theCrag!

The Japan Free Climbing Association ( is a good point of contact and there is a set of 5 guidebooks (all in Japanese) and an alpine guide book in English available covering all of Japan and its thousands of sport and trad routes and boulders.



Check out what is happening in Jogasaki.