Taita Hills

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Potential climbing area with lots of rocks.



An old guidebook, outlying crags describes them as follows: These hills to the North West of Voi rise from plains at about 2,000 ft. to over 7,000 ft. There are large numbers of impressive crags visible from the main Voi - Taveta road, especially to the S.W, on the Mwanda Hills. It is well worth while making a circuit of the hills along roads of Alpine proportions. Turning right off the Voi - Taveta road at Bura, a road leads to a crossroads on a col between Vuria, 7,234 ft. the highest peak and Yale, 7,051 ft. M.R. 253242. The road leading across the southern face of the latter passes under a smooth slabby crag at least 700 ft. high. Proceeding through Wundanyi several other crags are seen, the one marked on the map at M.R. 288250 being reasonably accessible. The map shows many other cliffs farther north and there are other crags which are not marked. So far as is known no climbs have been attempted. There should be plenty of routes at a high standard. There is much more rock in the Taita than in the Machakos Hills, and they must eventually become an important rock climbing area.


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