Kalama conservancy

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Some rocks, not all are super solid but quite tall. Just a few climbs so far and potential for more.



This is a small conservancy area managed by the local Samburu people. At its heart the luxury Saruni Samburu Lodge is located on a rocky ridge. The varied habitats are home to a wide range of wildlife. The central, hilly area is composed of numerous parallel rocky ridges running N-S. The Thumb is a prominent feature on the track leading to the lodge. Petrol/garage and a variety of budget accommodation at Archer’s Post (8km).


Access issues inherited from Kenya

Access in Kenya ranges from very simple (especially in National Parks and Lukenya) to totally impossible.

Please do not pay to climb (outside of National Parks and Lukenya) as you'll ruin access for everyone else.

If you encounter any access issues, please notify the Mountain Club of Kenya so we can monitor and deal with it:



8km N of Archer’s Post the entrance gate is on the L. You should inform the staff of your intentions. For the Thumb follow the main track towards Saruni Samburu Lodge for 10km to a point directly below it (possible campsites in the bush). The road is suitable for a well-driven, high clearance car.


Ethic inherited from Kenya

If you want to open new climbs in Kenya, kindly contact the Mountain Club of Kenya ( We'll be happy to help!

Here is our bolting policy, please abide by it:


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