Lizzy Danger cliff

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Access issues inherited from Kenya

Access in Kenya ranges from very simple (especially in National Parks and Lukenya) to totally impossible.

Please do not pay to climb (outside of National Parks and Lukenya) as you'll ruin access for everyone else.

If you encounter any access issues, please notify the Mountain Club of Kenya so we can monitor and deal with it:



Off D371 on your way to Mt Poi there are two formations to the south of the road. The larger and more distant of them has a large dark line that goes up about 3/4 of the way up the face. Drive as close as you can to the base and then look for a reasonable start in the middle of the shield. The big dark streak looks inviting but is filthy and even more sketchy than the stuff to the right of it.

Ethic inherited from Kenya

If you want to open new climbs in Kenya, kindly contact the Mountain Club of Kenya ( We'll be happy to help!

Here is our bolting policy, please abide by it:


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Named after Dr. Sanseau because her name literally means "No Water" and as we now know well, if you don't bring enough water on this route, someone will get heat stroke and you will have A Bad Time.

It gets 1 start because of the 3rd pitch which has a very fun chimney to climb. The rest is horrifically chossy and fun only for the most masochistic.

The climbing gets better as you go higher but it never gets that good.

  1. VS 60 meters

  2. VS 50 meters

  3. HVS 60 meters

  4. HS 20 meter scramble/climb


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