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Kletterwerk Mostly Sport climbing

232 routes in gym
  • Grades: UIAA
  • Photos: 15
  • Ascents: 211
  • LOCKED: Only setters can edit


2500m², 2 boulder rooms, kids area, indoor height 15m, outdoor height 18m, bistro, gear shop


The Kletterwerk has an overall climbing surface of 2500m² spread over 2 indoor rooms with a maximum height of 15m, 2 bolder rooms, 1 kids area (bouldering, top rope) and an outdoor wall with a maximum height of 18m. The gym features a bistro and a shop gear.


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The Kletterwerk was built from March 2005 to October 2005 by the DAV Konstanz in the former milk factory Radolfzell.


Phone: +49 7732 959848

Werner-Messmer-Str. 12 78315 Radolfzell


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