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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Elona Area H.A.D.A.
8a+ Aimovoros Sport 25m
8a Skythropos Sport 25m
8b Parakladi Sport 25m
8b+ Ortolana SportProject 25m
7c+ Tampourlo Sport 18m
7c Zeybreak Sport 40m
6a Amigo Sport 18m
6b+ Flying Steps Sport 20m
6c Gastone Duck Sport 22m
6b Medousa Sport 15m
7b+ Medousa Ext Sport 28m
6c Brownie Sport 20m
6c+ Skylisia Apodrasi Sport 20m
6b+ Happy New Year Sport 20m
7a Sokolatina Sport 22m
7b+ H.A.D.A. Sport 25m
7c Booze Sport 25m
7a+ Ntinta Sport 22m
7b La Moya Sport 22m
7b Troufa Sport 25m
7b Piranha Sport 18m
8a First Blood Sport 25m
8a Proto Thema Sport 25m
8b+ Pou Paei o Popeye? Sport 25m
Spinach-Pie SportProject 30m
Petran SportProject 25m
Petran Ext SportProject 35m, 17
8b Fill Sport 25m
Kakai SportProject 25m
6c+ Talos Sport 30m
7a Kamara Sport 25m
6c Flou Sport 20m
7b+ Sala Sport 25m
7a+ Chips + Beer Sport 22m
7c+ Thailand

On the right side of the gorge, 50m past the fixed rope.

Sport 10m
Elona Area Grande Cuckoo
6a Formage Sport 30m
6b+ No Breakfast No Glory Sport 25m
6b Sophie the Giraffe Sport 25m
6c+ Micra Picra Sport 30m
6b Klimataria Sport 25m
6b Tsachpinis Sport 25m
6b Raccoon Sport 25m
6a+ Beboucian Sport 22m
4b Penguin Sport 12m
6b Nestsitter Sport 25m
6a Over-Slab Sport 10m
Elona Area Berliner Mauer
6c+ Zone Sport
7b Nest Sport
7a Flowerpower Sport
6c+ Gorilla Sport
6a Dschungel Sport
6a+ ΙΤΣ Sport
6c Easyjet Raver Sport
7a+ I love Kotti Sport
6c+ S-Bahn Sport
6b 3[ToBeNamed]

Set by C. Wahle, 21 Nov 2017

FA: C. Wahle, 23 Nov 2017

6c ?1[ToBeNamed]

Cling to the tufa on the right side of the big hole and up the short overhanging part.

Set by C.Wahle, Nov 2017

FA: C. Wahle, 21 Nov 2017

6b ?2[ToBeNamed]

1st bolt shared with 6c to the left, swing up on nice jugs up to the crux on smaller crimps.

Set by C. Wahle, Nov 2017

FA: C. Wahle, 21 Nov 2017

6a+ 1. Mai Sport
6b Children Against Frustration Sport
6b Antiimperialistischer Schutzwall Sport
6b+ Kegelandia Sport
6b Berlin Grafitti

Named "Graffiti" in the Guide Book

6a Sven Sport
6a+ Petite Ju Ju a Berlin Sport
6b Schwarzer Block Sport
6b Sold as love Sport
6b Checkpoint Charlie Sport
6a 4[ToBeNamed]

Set by C. Wahle, 21 Nov 2017

FA: C. Wahle, 23 Nov 2017

Elona Area Kamares
6c Mageiras Sport 15m
6a Giras Sport 15m
5c Eksoriksi Sport 15m
5c Allagi Topiou Sport 15m
5b Pelekanos Sport 15m
5a Louki Sport 15m
Grammara Sport 20m
GrammaraExt Sport 45m
8b Book of heroes Sport 20m
Book of heroes Ext Sport 45m
8c Ametanoitos Sport 25m
6c+ Anichti Akroasi Sport 20m
7b Anichti Akroasi Ext Sport 45m
7a Kitrinos Typos Sport 20m
7b+ Kitrinos Typos Ext Sport 45m
6c Karagouna Sport 20m
7c Karagouna Ext Sport 45m
7b Carmirina Sport 20m
7b+ Carmirina Ext Sport 45m
7b Katsavoulias Sport 20m
7b+ Katsavoulias Ext Sport 45m
7b+ Filarakia Sport 20m
7b+ Filarakia Ext Sport 45m
8a Me gantia Sport 20m
7b+ Modistros Sport 20m
7b Pistolia Sport 25m
8b Pizza me to metro Sport 20m
8b Charaktis Sport 20m
8b Hercules Sport 20m
Digmata Grafis Sport 25m
Apo sverko Sport 25m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 814 routes.