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The best sport climbing cliff in Macedonia. Big roof climbing, not so much easy routes.


The crag is located on 34 km, in South-East direction from Centrum of Skopje, or chronologically 1 hour. Drive towards Zelenikovo village, through the suburbs Usje, Pintija, Drachevo, and after 15 min of driving you will pass Oreshani and Zelenikovo village, and right after is the Zelenikovo village rail station. When you enter the village station Zelenikovo (you cannot miss) we continue on the road to the right from the railway, and in front of you there will be a mini square, (more likely-clearing) where the city bus line-67 turns back (this is the last station). From there on, keep on the road, straight, you will soon get uphill and to the large “S” turn. Keep uphill and on the next left 180 turn, keep left, passing by small village Strahojadica (on the right), there will be panoramic view on the terrain in front, this road will take you to the rustic village Gumalevo. As soon as you pass Strahojadica, the dirt road comes next. Keep left. Do not turn. It lasts only 3km. Just keep straight on the road, and don’t turn at all. The dirt road is suitable for any kind of vehicle. When you enter in village Gumalevo, drive until you exit the village, and right after 50m from the exit there is parking on the right side when you can park your vehicle. From there on you continue on foot, and right after the sheepfold there is a Poplar tree which instruct you to leave the wide trail you just walked, and brake left on the hiking trail. The hiking trail extends through tobacco fields, and a view of the crag will show up, continue after and you will get into small forest of bushes which lead to Kadina Cave.


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The sport climbing crag Kadina is freshly found crag close to the Macedonian capital city, Skopje. This wonderful crag waited so long to be found by the Macedonian sport climbers and that finally happened in 2013, when Goran Kuzmanovski alias Malik, have found the crag. This crag is one kind of climbing fortune. Very soon after, Vladimir Trpovski, Dimitar Popov and KireSerafimovski have climbed the first lines there. Also, great merit for the help in the bolting of this crag have some of the members of the Macedonian sport climbing clubs SKK VARDAR and SKK Extreme, like Milan, Dino, Vane, Zuti, Viktor, David, Marta,Lide, Maja, Ici, Tomi, Zorko, Jozi and Miha.


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FA: D.Popov & Vladimir, 11 Nov 2013


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