Demir Kapija one of the best places in Macedonia for climbing, mountaineering, trekking, fishing and other outdoor activities.


Now there are 16 sectors for sport climbing, more than 200 routes have varying category of difficulty from 4 to 8c, and about 20 bolting multipitchs, and infinite potential for old and new TRAD routes.

Access issues

Many rocks are located near the roads and infrastructures, that gives fast access to most of the climbing sectors; most of it are suitable for beginners and groups with children. Most of the rocks are limestone but an hour away there are also sandstone and granite rocks for climbing, mountaineering and bouldering. Location of walls allows you to find a place for climbing at any time of the year. In the summertime everyone tries to hide in the shadow. In winter people can get joy from climbing in the sun light areas where rocks give their warmth.


Nearest sectors are only 10 minutes walk from the center of Demir Kapija. Most of sectors reached from the parking place between the tunnels - (5 minutes by car) Demir Kapija’s community locates in the southern part of Macedonia next to the highway Skopje – Athens. The distance from Skopje is 117 km, which takes about an hour by car or two hours by train ‘Skopje – Gevgelija’. Distance to the border with Greece is about 80 km. The nearest international airports are: in Skopje (Alexander the Great Airport), in Ohrid (Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, 195 Km), in Thessaloniki (International Airport “Macedonia”, 121 Km). From one point to another you can get by bus or by taxi. Also you can order a transfer from an airport.


History timeline chart

Although the first rout in canyon Demir Kapija was climbed (by our information) in 1974, and rocks have attracted sportsman for a long time, the most climbing activities in this area has been developing just in the last five years. The Number of routes and sectors have grown so fast and now, for climbers, tourists and backpackers, there are hostel and a nice place for camping "Rock land Camp".

Did you know?

Did you know that you can create an account to record, track and share your climbing ascents? Thousands of climbers are already doing this.


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