Batu Lawi

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Created 10 weeks ago


Impressive rock spire in the Kelabit Highlands requiring an expedition to get there.


Bukit Batu Lawi is an impressive rock spire located remotely in the Kelabit Highlands. It has two distinct peaks separate by a saddle: The smaller one called Female Peak or Wife can be ascended by non-technical (class 4) climbing. The inspiring Male Peak or Husband however, can be only ascended by technical rock climbing.

Access issues

Batu Lawi is an extension of Pulong Tau National Park since 2008.


The trip to Batu Lawi is an expedition by itself. Two shelters were built in 1991 which then cut the return trip from Bario to 4 days. As of 2016 the easiest access is by 4x4 using the logging roads.


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