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Showing all 49 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Larva Section
5a Pulpit

Left hand overhang on sharp limestone. Has a good bolted anchor but is not visible from below. Can be done entirely using threads but rock is sharp so a cam or two would make it safer. Stays semi-dry in light rain. Has multiple fixed rope threads but these are old and dubious.

Trad 11m
6b Stoning Lee
Mixed 11m, 3
5b Easy Root
Mixed 9m, 2
Ridsect Section
6a+ Daisy Chain
Sport 32m, 12
6a+ Tribute to Jimmy Pop
Sport 32m, 9
Anopheles Section
6a Merdekar - crash
Sport 17m, 6
5c Lariam
Sport 17m, 5
5c Adrenachrome
Trad 17m
5b+ Fansidar
Sport 16m, 5
Shieldtox Section
6a+ Situation to Situation
1 6a+ 40m
2 4c 30m
Sport 70m, 2, 17
5b+ Two Pints
Sport 12m, 4
6c+ Oxymoron
Sport 27m, 11
5b Orange Juice
Sport 14m, 4
6c Le Futur N'est Plus Ce Qu'il Etait
Sport 30m, 11
7b+ Love at First Bite
Sport 31m, 11
7a Chess
Sport 30m, 10
5c Don't underbreak me

10 bolts, plus 2 threads

FA: P. Andrey, 2003

Sport 30m, 12
6b+ Diperjaya

smooth climb

Sport 29m, 10
6a Bowel Movements
Sport 29m, 8
7a Pear
Sport 28m, 7
5c+ In Guns We Trust
Sport 30m, 10
6a+ Bangsar Babes Backdrop
Sport 30m, 10
6a Voltaren
Sport 27m, 10
5c+ Kamchatka
Sport 24m, 7
6a+ Shiok Sendiri
Sport 26m, 9
6b+ Hot Tempered Freaking Glue Gun
Sport 31m, 10
7b+ Prophylaxis
Unknown 33m, 11
Dengue Section
7b Foreign Investment
Sport 31m, 12
7c Osmosis
Sport 36m, 14
8a The Pledge
Sport 26m, 9
8a+ Intergrated Mosqito Management
Sport 41m, 15
Furmakilla Section
7a+ Monkeyland
Sport 19m, 6
6b Two Drops
Sport 17m, 5
6b+ My Favourite things
Sport 15m, 4
6b Alma Flora
Sport 12m, 3
5c Jalan Sehala
Sport 11m, 4
6b Llias
Sport 12m, 4
6a+ Ulysee
Sport 13m, 4
6b Training Day
1 5c 15m
2 5b+ 26m
3 6b 30m
4 5c 16m

3rd pitch is 11 bolts so bring plenty of draws.

Sport 87m, 4, 26
4a 1st May Variant
Sport 17m, 4
6a+ Labour Day
Sport 14m, 4
5c+ Training Rules
Sport 17m, 6
6c The Rules of Attraction
Sport 16m, 6
7a Stupid with Manners
Sport 16m, 5
6c David at la Marseilleaise
Sport 18m, 5
5c Dirt Diggier
Sport 26m, 9
5b+ Firestarter
Sport 27m, 9
5c Up in Smoke
Sport 25m, 7
6b+ Because I got High
Sport 16m, 5

Showing all 49 routes.