Cañón del Sumidero

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  • Aka: Sumidero Canyon




Cañón del Sumidero is a deep natural canyon located just east of the city of Tuxtla along the Río Grijalva. It offers big walls of up to 1000m in height, much of them still virgin.


The canyon is located in the Cañón del Sumidero National Park. Most of the canyon is accessed by boat. The base of the cliffs is often covered in dense forest / jungle which includes all sorts of animals from crocodiles, monkeys to scorpions and snakes - be careful!


Make your way to Tuxtla Gutiérrez and to the boat launches just east of the city along the road from Tuxtla to Chiapa de Corzo / San Cristóbal. Get on a boat and drop off at the cliff of your choice.


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Grade Route

Warning Flora and Fauna: In the jungle part of the route and also in the headwall are living scorpions, wasps, snakes, bees a

1 5.10d 45m
2 5.11b 30m
3 5.11b 30m
4 5.7 25m
5 5.12a/b 25m
6 5.11c 25m
7 5.11d 50m
8 5.10c/d 35m
9 5.11c/d 40m
10 5.10c/d 30m
11 5.11c 25m
12 5.11b 40m
13 5.9 30m

"Xibalbá Uprising" was the first route in the "Cañon del Sumidero" which was climbed entirely free. From the first to the last meter, the route offers everything a climbers heart desires. Finest rock and high exposure!

The approx. 850 meter of the route splits into two parts, the steep ascent and the main headwall. The steep ascent turns out to be so demanding, that it counts as a part of the whole climbing route. Although we drilled 90 bolts to secure the line, it is still recommended to climb solidly in the upper 11th american grade, to be able to cope with the difficulty. Also bring some medium size friends and a set of nuts (stoppers). After finishing the climb you can easily walk back to the nearby comune "Triunfo Agrarista" and from there take a taxi to get back to "Chiapa de Corzo". In case of retreat, you can also rappel down the route with two 70 meter ropes.

Because the route is in the middle of a national park, you need to ask for permission at the CONANP office in Tuxtla and also at the comune "Triunfo Agrarista", in case if you wanna walk back at the top.

For more detailled information you can write us on facebook @vertigorockclimbing or on whatsapp +521 961 21 45 747, or simply check the hand drawn topos on the side.


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