Upper West Canyon

  • Grade context: US
  • Approach time: 30-40mins
  • Ascents: 4




To these areas, approach as per the Middle Buttresses and hike up above the Mission Bell and Pulpit. From here, continue hiking due south, up-hill, aiming for the top which is clearly visible. You will crawl under a barbed wire fence (easiest by aiming for the exposed rock to the left, where there is a large opening in the fence). Continue up on faint paths and rock ridges. At the final ridge of rock, where you will be able to clearly see the Road Runner Rocks walls and the brush-filled bowl at the base. From here you can scramble down into the bowl and take a path to the base of the Road Runner climbs, or you can continue up to the top where anchors can be safely (if carefully done) reached to set up top-ropes or to rappel to the base of the climbs. The top of the climbs on Big Red are a further 20 meters or so past the oak tree on top of the Road Runner Rocs. From the southwest parking to the top: 1.25km,+250m, 30 minutes. To approach the base of the climbs on Big Red, follow the approach description for the Middle Buttresses and hike to the small plateau on top of the Mission Bell and the Pulpit. From this point, hike due south straight toward Big Red, staying level (not ascending). A faint path and some light bushwhacking will lead to a narrow gully that you will traverse and climb onto a ramp of rock. Scramble along the rock, continuing due south, with some steep walls on your right and the canyon below on your left. This leads to a some brushy spots, some more scrambling on steep slabs, and eventually into a small bowl beneath Big Red where you will be at the base of all the climbs. From the top of the Pulpit, it’s approximately 300m in distance and the same elevation.

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