Lower East Buttress

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The easiest and shortest approach is to park in the northeast parking area. To get there, upon entering the village of Alcocer and arriving at the first intersection with the white school on your left and the pre-school with the Whinnie The Poo characters on your right, turn left. The road comes to a T in front of the old stone church. Turn left onto the dirt road and follow it around to the right, going down hill and past the dam on your right, through the cattle gate (usually wide open), then follow the cobblestone road past a few houses until it ends and becomes a dirt road heading up a steep hill to the right. Keep going, following the dirt road for about another 300 meters past several homes. Eventually the road becomes impassable. Park here. To get to the routes, follow what is left of the road up east, then it turns and heads south and downhill. Before you reach the last house on the left, leave the road and follow a well defined cattle path off left. Hike cross-country (the path may peter out) heading south east, trying to stay level in elevation. Crawl under the barbed wire fence, then continue south east and slightly uphill to another defined path. Follow the path and keep aiming south east and east. The buttress will appear up and to your left. Bushwack your way to the base of the wall.

Ethic inherited from Alcocer

Ser respetuosos con la comunidad y no dejar basura.


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Developed by Oriol Anglada (along with The School Wall), this buttress has approximately forty sport routes, ranging from 5.9 to 5.12? Unfortunately, no topo or specific route info is available. The climbs here are generally hard and short (no more than 20 meters; most are less than 15 meters). The rock is in general very sound and the routes are well-bolted with good anchors.

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