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Grades from 5.8 - 5.11D. A couple of clasic multi-pitch routes. You'll find lots of fun here.


This is a great area with lots of routes and grades to choose from. Beware of lose rock after rainy days (people not wearing helmets satay a safe distance from the rock faces). The face is oriented to the west so in the summer you can climb during the morning up until noon. During winter you can climb in the warm sun all afternoon.

Access issues inherited from La Huasteca

The access is controlled by policemen who lookout for irregularities, just slow down and wait for them to ask you to keep driving. During raining season there are chances that the river is too high to cross, making this climbing area inaccessible.


Drive from the La Huasteca Park entrance and get to La Zona Extrema. 2-3 km for entrance you can see the wall on your left side, continue along the road until you find an rustic road entrance you can park on the road, 4x4 vehicules can park closer to the wall, theres lots of riverbed stones, stucked cars are common.

Desde la entrada del parque unos 2 o 3 km por el camino verás la pared de tu lado izquierdo, continua por la carretera hasta encontrar una entrada de terraceria antes de una curva, puedes estacionar en el camino de terraceria, 4x4s pueden acercarse más a la pared, hay mucha piedra de rio suelta, es común que se atasquen carros pequeños

Ethic inherited from Nuevo León

Please don´t litter, some crags like LaHuasteca are a little runout, but thats how they were set, please avoid adding bolts. Rebolting efforts are much apreciated, just send a heads up to the local climbing comunity for safety reasons.



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Grade Route

Left most climb on south facing wall

FFA: Miguel Guerra

FA: Miguel Guerra

Set by Miguel Guerra

Obvious roof with a big hole on it.

Set by Miguel Guerra

FA: Miguel Guerra

Set by Daniel de la Fuente

1 5.8
2 5.9

Set by Miguel Guerra

1 5.8 25m
2 5.8 10m
3 5.9 25m
4 5.9 20m

Not very well protected P1: 8 bolts P2: 7 bolts P3: 9 bolts. R. Watch for loose rock P4: 9 bolts. R. Watch for a lot of loose rock from last bolt to summit. After 7th bolt, go left into the 4th class canal to find anchor. THERE IS A LOT OF LOOSE ROCK IN THE CANAL.

Set by Daniel de la Fuente

Set by Daniel de la Fuente

Set by Miguel Guerra

Set by Jackie

Gray canal to the left of El Gran Maestro.

Set by Miguel Guerra

FFA: Miguel Guerra

FA: Miguel Guerra

Fun route if you stay on the face of the wall.

Set by Julio Cesar VZZ & Herazmo Guzman (el mudo)

run out at the end. Watch for loose rock

hebrada al final y al tiro con las piedras.

FFA: Cesar Jackie

Set by Miguel Garza (Rata)

6 largos los niveles son: 10a, 11c, 10-, 9, 10+ (diedro) 7 (2 plaquetas). Muy buena ruta, algo de roca suelta. Lleven unas 14 bandas, porq el 11 esta muy bien protegido.

6 pitches: 10a, 11c, 10-, 9, 10+, 7

Set by Rafa Cornelio

FA: Rafa C.

Set by Marcelo Gonzalez

Set by MarceloGzz

Set by Rafa Cornelio

Set by MarceloGzz

Set by MarceloGzz

Set by Rodrigo Maldonado

FFA: Rodrigo Maldonado

FA: Rodrigo Maldonado

Pitch one is a golden corner. 10a

Pitch two or better to do as an extension is 15 meteres of 11a baby tufa climbing.

This is the only golden corner at the Zona Extrema. It is in the middle of the wall.

Set by Mark Grundon & Rodrigo Garza Maldonado

FA: Mark Grundon & Rodrigo Garza Maldonado

Esta en una sección barrenada, Tiene una placa con su nombre.

Set by Rata

Set by A. Martinez

bouldery start. if you follow the bolts then it's really a 5.11D

Set by Rafa C.

To the right of Spiderman

Set by Rafa C.

Perece que tiene corrosión galvánica

Set by Daniel/Chazz

Set by Timbon

Set by Miguel

Ruta entre chiquita y facilona y Patricio Gamboa. Tiene placas viejas.

Set by Patricio Gamboa

Set by Rafa C.

Set by Rafa C.

Set by Rafa C.

Set by Hans/Paco Medina

Set by Rafa/Canek

Around the right side of the main wall. 3rd pitch is rated "R" (runout) until finished (trad recomended for 3rd pitch if not done in solo). After the 3th. anchor, starts a trad multipitch, rated 5.9+ R/X. The name is Nicotina wich means nicotine. 3er largo es "R" (runout), desprotegido hasta reunion (se recomienda equipo de trad si no se quiere hacer en solo hasta reunion). Después de la tercer reunion, comienza una ruta en tradicional que va hasta la cima. Son 6 largos mas de escalada 5.9+ R/X. Nicotina es el nombre de la ruta en trad.

Set by R. Velarde/Jorge G., Carlos & Hugo Sanchez.

Esta ruta comienza desde el segundo largo de Soldaditos. Equipo requerido: 1 set de hexcentrics, 1 set de cams #1 - #4, 1 set de Nuts, 2 cuerdas de 70m. Para el descenso hay que caminar por la cresta hacia el este, al llegar al diedro, buscar las placas y hacer un rappel de 70m.

Set by Carlos Flores & Hugo Sanchez, 2007

80m rope needed. You can still climb it with a 70m rope, as you lower the climber and you run out of rope climb the easy slab to the first available ledge. From there the climber can untie and down-climb to the ground (about 3 meters)

Set by Rata

Set by Carlos Flores (Ruso)

Set by Americo


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Check out what is happening in Zona Extrema.