Little Transmitter 🚫

  • Grade context: AU

Climbing in this area is closed.



A small crag with a Cabbage tree on top can be seen from Dyers Pass Road below the main crag. All four climbs go to a double ring anchor at the top of the crag. Developed by Ben Gibbins and Ben Lucas.


As you head along the main trail and the first crag comes into view, head down the hill to a small broken outcrop of rock (about 50 meters from the track). Directly below this outcrop is a shallow gully. Head down the hill following a broad ridge just right of this gully. You will see an opening in the forest as you approach the top of the crag. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the crag from the track.



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Grade Route

FFA: Ben Gibbins, 2012

FFA: Ben Gibbins, 2012

FFA: Ben Gibbins, 2012

FFA: Ben Gibbins, 2012


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