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Grade Route

Closed Project

1 22
2 19
3 23
4 21
5 17

Set by Edwin Sheppard, Greg Kolbe, Matt Holcroft, Jono Dawson & Alex Kiechle-Cornish

FA: Edwin Sheppard & Greg Kolbe, Mar 2015

FFA: Edwin Sheppard & Dave Spooner, Dec 2017

1 21
2 19

FFA: Greg Kolbe & Shafiq Lalloo, Apr 2016

FFA: Edwin Sheppard, Gregor Kolbe & Selena Thyssen, Mar 2016

FFA: Edwin Sheppard, Apr 2016

FFA: Gregor Kolbe & Edwin Sheppard, Nov 2017

FFA: Greg Kolbe & Robert Scott, Feb 2015

FFA: Edwin Sheppard, 2017

FFA: Edwin Sheppard, 2016

Open Project

FA: Edwin Sheppard & Max Hutchinson, Feb 2017

Set by Romain Albert

FFA: Max Hutchinson & Edwin Sheppard, Feb 2017

Open project - probably 29/30 in grade

Set by Daniel Krippner

FFA: Dave Spooner, Dec 2017

FA: Sam Waetford, Dec 2017

FFA: Edwin Sheppard, Nov 2017

Connection climb between Are We Tramping Yet and Space Monkeys. Grade 27?


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