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The Whale Wall is the first wall you come to when you walk up from the beach access track, approximately in the centre of the wall is lump of rock shaped like a hounds head. The crag is around 70m high, the limestone is compact, smooth, steep and well featured. All routes stop below the sharp, slabby grey rock and thus do not top out. The routes are described below from right to left, which is the direction you’d walk when arriving at the crag.

Access issues inherited from Tonga

The majority of climbing is on the King’s estate and access is a privilege granted by the King’s Office, not a right. An access arrangement has been negotiated but could be withdrawn at any time by the King’s Office.

Before climbing on ‘Eua, all visitors must agree to the Disclaimer ( and pay a land management levy of T$20.

You must also agree to abide by the Climber’s Code of Conduct (

Ethic inherited from Eua

To ensure climbers can enjoy this special place it is critical that climbing is supported by the local community. To help achieve this the Kaka Maka Group has been formed as a partnership between climbers, the Kings Office and the Eua Tourism Association. The Kaka Maka Group is working with locals to develop ‘Eua as an international climbing destination and is the central point of contact for all climbing related queries and issues.



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Grade Route

Originally climbed in a single pitch but can be split into two pitches. Start at the right side of Whale Wall where a large tree grows somewhat horizontally, start by climbing a gully behind the tree to a belay ledge at about 12m, 1 glue in and a large thread.

Pitch 1: Climb the groove to the right of the anchors, then the steeper, black pocketed wall past a tuffa. Continue up to a double anchor after bolt 6. Pitch 2: Head diagonally right and up to a small roof, surmount this to get to a good standing position. Finish up the steep crossly wall to the anchor.

Descend in two raps back to the starting ledge.

FA: Tony Burnell & Jean Jack, 5 Aug 2016

1 23 30m
2 22 20m

A whale breached, bellyflopping loudly just offshore during the first ascent of this route, giving the wall the imaginative name the “Whale Wall”.

Pitch 1: Climb several metres of black lichenous rock until a small ledge is gained, move up and rightwards avoiding steeper terrain then follow bolts up past a tufa handle bar, over a bulge to belay on a spacious ledge. Pitch 2: The second pitch ascends the leaning brown wall above to a pumpy finish. Lower and belay the second from the ledge.

FA: Nathan Duxfield & Greg Jack, 5 Aug 2016

1 18 23m
2 21 20m

Start just right of the Hounds Head rock at the base of the crag.

Pitch 1: (8BR) Climb up onto a ledge and move left to reach the black groove system, continue up till you can step out right onto a slab, go right again past 2 bolts to a ledge then straight up to a cave with belay station.

Pitch 2: (7BR) Move to the base of the stalactite at the left side of the cave, straight up this & the pocketed wall above & finally up the steep white streak to reach a belay station.

Descend in two raps.

FA: Tony Burnell & Jean Jack, 15 Jun 2017

1 16 12m
2 19 25m

Pitch 1: (5BR) Start as for Tala but continue up the groove system to a large ledge.

Pitch 2: (8BR) Go up slightly right off the stance to B1, right again along a wide break and up into a groove system, follow the groove up the wall to the bottom of a blue grey streak, climb the streak on pockets, after the final bolt go straight up before around left into a large cave and belay station.

Descend in two raps back.

FA: Tony Burnell & Jean Jack, 16 Jun 2017

1 16 12m
2 18 25m

Pitch 1: (5BR) Start as for Tala but continue up the groove system to a large ledge.

Pitch 2: (9BR) Move straight up off the stance B1, carry on pretty much straight up into a black recess go left then up and back right around a rock pinnacle. The wall steepens but the holds are huge to get you into the top cave and belay station.

Descend in two raps back.

FA: Tony Burnell, 24 Jun 2017

1 19 23m
2 19 17m

Start at the very left side of Whale Wall in a short groove just right of the Fa tree approximately 12 m left of the hounds head.

Pitch 1: (5BR) Climb the short groove and swing out left onto the face, go straight up past a large pocket and the rib above before moving diagonally right to gain another groove climb straight up to a DBA.

Pitch 2: (4BR) Start up the bulging pocketed wall to a short, sharp, grey groove, up this & the grey wall & the second anchor.

Descend in two raps back to the starting ledge.

FA: Jean Jack, Tony Burnell & Jean Jack, 11 Jun 2017


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