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Showing all 9 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
{US} 5.8 Dihedral

A comfortable yet challenging climb that requires the uses of stemming to get you off the ground. Great route for the young climber that may have a little fear of heights since you don't feel much exposure while inside the corner. It’s also a great first lead route for the developing climber. Protection is safe and well placed with the exception of a few older bolts that are on the list to be replaced.

FA: unknow Russian climber, 2008

Sport 25m, 10
{US} 5.9 Johnny's Crack

A short and shallow crack just a little smaller then a fist jam and a little larger than fingers. It's pumpy and roles out on the edges. A great place to learn the art while be very well protected. You'll see this one just to the right of the Dihedral.

FA: Hajismel, 10 Apr 2012

Sport 15m, 5
{US} 5.6 Детски Сад

An fun but relatively easy route for the whole family. The start is the hardest part of the climb and requires you to use a small crack system and some stemming to get up to the next hold. From that point it's just big holds and pulling yourself up to the chains.

Set by jetson, 10 Jun 2011

FA: jetson, 10 Jun 2011

Sport 16m, 4
{US} 5.8 Great Scott

This route is just to the left of the Fridge but only has top rope access. It's a nice route but is seldom climbed since there are other more popular routes near by. This route uses many different types of climbing technique and keeps the climber tucked away inside a smooth seam of rocks which cuts down on most beginners fear of heights.

Set by Mark Scott & Jetson, 10 May 2012

FA: Mark Scott, 10 May 2012

Top rope 29m
{US} 5.9 The Fridge

A great route with many different types of climbing all rolled into one route. You start off on a slab with good cracks and pockets then go into a stemming section that has just enough incline to make you feel the pull. Next you pull a little slopper section and then back into a stem. During it all you feel very little exposure since you're in a small seam much of the time. It's well protected but has a little reach to the first bolt. This route can be set from the top but it's best done from lead as the route to the top is hard to find and tricky to get into.

FA: Mark Scott, 10 Apr 2014

Sport 29m, 9
{US} 5.8 10 Commandments

Fun route for all who enjoy the feeling of being squeezed into a jello mold. It has tons of good holds a keeps you inside a rock seam much of the time so exposure is at a minimum. The constrictive shape of the rocks makes for some interesting climbing and requires you to be moldable. It’s fun for the whole family. This route is not yet bolted for lead and must be set up from the top. I usually lead The Fridge and then set up the 10 Commandments. They are only about 10 meters apart with this one being just to the right of The Fridge.

FA: jetson, 11 Jun 2013

Top rope 30m
{US} 5.8 Rex

This route is a great, yet short off width which also has many face holds although they are small. It's located in a great spot that has full light but gentle heat from the sun and you feel like you're in Jurassic Park. We are still projecting this route but it is sure to be a classic when it's ready to go.

Set by jetson, 26 Jun 2015

FA: Adam K, 15 Oct 2015

Top ropeProject 20m
{US} 5.7 Black Sock

A short climb that is half crack and half small face pockets. The crack is easily climbed without the use to the face but if your not a crack climber then the pockets will help make this climb a success. It's located in a great spot for summer climbing since it's well shaded and tucked away between many different large rocks that help to keep it cool.

Set by Akmed, 11 Jun 2015

FA: Zalina, 11 Jun 2015

Top rope 14m
{US} 5.7 Freckles

Fun route full of wacos to choose from. You can make the route much harder by only using the passive wacos but most opt for the ever present waco jug that can be found everywhere. This route is located just to the left of one of the best lookout points in the valley, place we call, "The Apartment".

Set by jetson, 12 May 2015

FA: Adam, 12 May 2015

Top rope 17m

Showing all 9 routes.