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One of the most popular climbing areas in Russia. About 160 sport climbing routes (grades from 5 to 9), bouldering routes.


The climbing sectors are located around the spectacularly beautiful Triangular lake.

Access issues

The Triangular lake and the climbing area around is accessible for free, it is not private. However, the neighbouring land Lietlahti Eco Park is privat. The weather is ok for climbing from May to September (inclusive).


The best way (by quality of the road) goes through a frontier zone where a special permit is required (more difficult to acquire for foreigners). Drive towards Svetogorsk, a few km before Svetogorsk turn right to Losevo and then to the North around the Voroshilov lake, pass Lietlahti on your left side and arive at the Triangular lake. This way is accessible by an ordinary clearance car but the higher the better. The is another way where no special permit is required (through Svobodnoye) but it is only accessible for a specially prepared 4X4 vehical.

Where to stay

You can camp at the Triangular lake (no prepared facilities, just a piece of land on the bank of the lake) or you can book a room (beforehand) or a camping place (anytime) at Lietlahti which is a farmer's house about 2 km from the lake. There are toilets, water, gas and sauna at Lietlahti available to you if you rent a room or a camping place. The farmer at Lietlahti is very friendly and hospitable.


There are not many places at the lake to park. If you find none, park at Lietlahti. If you park at the lake, don't leave your car on the road so that no other cars can bypass! Generally accepted climbing ethics are also relevant.


View historical timeline

The area was discovered by Konstantin Beketov and Vladimir Molodozhon in 2000 and has been rapidly developed since then. First routes were bolted by Alexander Rakhmanin and Mikhail Ovsyannikov. More then half of the routes by now have been prepared by Alexey Tselischev.



Check out what is happening in Triangular lake.