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Grade Route

Same as 'Ponarejena želva', cross to 'Minulet' below the top.

Extension of 'Teta Liza'

1 6b+
2 7c

Starts in 'Nočna kronika', ends in 'Caffe espresso'.

1 8a+
2 7c
1 7c+
2 6c+
1 6c+

extension of 'Rodeo'

1 8a+
2 7b

Starts in 'Človek ne jezi se' and continues to the right into 'Xaxid hostel'

Adam Ondra thinks the route is hard 9a rather than 9a+, and proposes a slash grade would be best until it has seen more repeats.

FFA: Tomas Mrazek, Nov 2009

Starts in 'J.S.F.K.' and finishes in 'Človek ne jezi se'.

1 8b+
2 8a
3 8a+

2nd extension of 'Giljotina'

extension of 'Samsara'

Extension of 'Mozaik'.

1 8a+
2 7c

extension of 'Hugo' - left anchor

extension of 'Hugo' - right anchor

1 8b
2 8a
1 7a+
2 7a
1 6b+
2 6b


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