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Access issues inherited from Gold Rush

It is essential to notify both farmers in advance of any intended visit.

Contact Neil Margetts at 083 669 3028 or Gustav Janse van Rensburg at +27 (0) 13 257 0363 or 082 753 3695 for these details and the current padlock combination.

Ethic inherited from Gold Rush

In order to make sure we always have access to Gold Rush, the following rules must be adhered to when visiting the area.

  • No dangerous or reckless activities permitted.
  • Take home all litter and refuse, (including fruit peels and cigarette butts).
  • There must be no unnecessary destroying of any vegetation, except by prior arrangement.
  • No interference with any animal life to be allowed.
  • No fires allowed at all, except at the campsite under very controlled conditions.
  • No soap or any other detergents or chemicals allowed in or near the river.
  • No drunken or explicit promiscuous behaviour allowed.
  • No playing of loud music/radios.
  • No Graffiti or any defacing of the rocks other than normal climbing use.
  • Toilet activities must be more than 80m from any permanent water and no trace must be visible after the activity.
  • Be polite, and courteous to all staff and management of the land owners.
  • The area is to be used for climbing and the following other activities are not permitted: fishing, quad or any other motorised biking, hunting, and any other activity which does not comply with the law of the country.
  • Do not arrive before dawn or leave after sunset.
  • At least one MCSA member per party.



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Grade Route

Start 15m downstream of Phillippe, up a small boulder just right of a much featured face. Sit start on handhold and sidepull down right. Long move up left to crimp under small overhang, then up to top out.

FFA: Neil Margetts, 2006

climb up overhanging face behind boulder, 40m downstream of Grommit. Sit start on large horn, go up left to good crimp, out right to a small undercling and slap up (high) to the lip where an exciting top out awaits.

FFA: Dom Riordan, 2006

Up blunt nose 30m downstream of Grommit and 10m upstream of Phillippe Sit start with both hands on large flat hold, top out.

FFA: Neil Margetts, 2006

Sit start on huge rail jug. Make pushy move to obvious smaller jug and fight to grt your feet up and top out onto next ledge.

FFA: Gregg Rose, 2006

Sit start on crimps, climb left through the roof to lip, dyno to big jug and over to ledge. Traverse off.

FFA: Guy Hubbard, 2006

Start as for Grommit, climb straight back through roof to lip, and over to ledge. Traverse off.

FFA: Guy Hubbard, 2006

Up and over small boulder right of Wallace. Sit start from sloper and crimp, slap for top and mantle.

FFA: Neil Margetts, 2006

it start on crimps, move to slopers on lip and top out.

FFA: Guy Hubbard, 2006

Sit start on flake, top out.

FFA: Greg Rose, 2006

Stand start on sloppy grips and climb into short crack formed by flake. While keeping away from the big chicken heads on the right, climb straight up crack to top out.

FFA: Dave Johns, 2006

Sit start to 'Mr. Furious', start on underclings, to top.

FFA: Dave Johns, 2006

Sit start, traverse slopey rail leftwards, top out.

FFA: Greg Rose, 2006

stand start with hidden undercling in overhang, straight up to top.

FFA: Helen Clements, 2006


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