Fountain Ledge

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Ethic inherited from Table Mountain

Strictly trad area, bolting is illegal.



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Grade Route
1 16 20m
2 17 20m
3 14 28m

This route is around 20 left of the point where one would get abseiling from the top of staircase route.

  1. Climb the face just to the left of the arête tending to the right just before getting under the overhang. Climb the arê to stand up in a small ledge above the overhang. Traverse a meter left and climb the 5m face, with no gear but good holds, to a bigger ledge.

  2. From the ledge, head to the face on the left on the face and find the clearest way to the staircase ledge.

  3. Walk around 8 meters left to a single bench looking rock and climb a small crack system just in front of it (it is just two meters right to the staircase chimney system). Climb the crack to a good ledge. Head right to the top of the big block and up to a big ledge.

This routes ends conveniently very close to the abseil point and an easy scrambling take one to the top of the mountain.

1 17
2 14
3 16

FA: Hilton Davies, 1979

FA: M Scott + H Graafland, A McKirdy & G Young

1 12
2 12
3 13

Starts on the staircase ledge -- look for an obvious zig-zag crack.

  1. (12). Climb a short slab to a chimney, then up the chimney. Part way, either step left then up a stepped cracked, or continue up the chimney. Belay on the obvious ledge in an alcove.

  2. (12) Traverse right, past a wide-step continue traversing around the corner, continue traversing past bolted anchors to belay behind a large boulder.

  3. (13) At the left end of the boulder, climb a jagged right leaning crack/weakness into a chimney than past a small roof to a ledge.

Continue right through a keyhole and scramble to the top.

FA: A Barley, R Barley, D Hartley & M Scott

FA: P Andersen & J Knight

1 16
2 A1

FA: G F Travers-Jackson

1 16 25m
2 16 25m
3 16 20m

After scrambling up to the staircase ledge (grade 10 scramble), walk left all the way to the end of the ledge to a grey face. Climb up to a standing up exposed, but easy, traverse to the left and around the corner to a half tree (it used to be a big tree but someone cut it and left only the tree trunk). Start climbing from there.

  1. Climb straight up the flaky wall to a ledge. Go up to the start of a flaky crack system (the start is awkward) and follow this system, that goes slightly diagonaly left, to the end of it. Step right to the face and up till able to reach a wide horizontal crack (there are two small horizontal cracks just above it). Build a hang belay here.

  2. Climb the stunning traverse until forced to move up. Climb straight up to a flaky steep crack system to a small ledge with a big hole on it. Belay from this ledge.

  3. Start at the far left of the small ledge climbing straight up on good holds the steep wall to a bulge face. Move slightly right and up into a wide but short crack to a huge ledge. Build your anchor here. Scrambling leads to the top.

FA: C.C Butler, H. Davis, J.E. Henry, M.P. Mamacos & G.W. Rose

FA: D Davies, D Kelfkins & Greg Lacey

FA: D Hartley, T Hughes, J Levy & M Scott

FA: M. Mamacos & C. Butler, 1949

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