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Access issues

You need a permit to climb at Truitjies Kraal, permits are obtainable from the Kromrivier office. Wildcard or MCSA cardholders can get the permits for free.


Please keep to the established trails. Since this is a dessert area it is sometimes difficult to see the difference between paths and just sandy areas around clumps of grass. Many unnecessary trails are being tramped near the climbs, please try to avoid this. The paths are easiest to find starting from the main carpark with the toilets. The area is not that big and you can easily walk from here. Places where smaller trails start from the car road is usually marked with a cairn.

Where to stay

Camping is not permitted at Truijies Kraal. There are several holiday resorts and guest houses in the area. Including:

  • Camping and Chalets at Kromrivier (
  • Camping and Chalets at Nuwerust (
  • Cottages and Camping at Sanddrif (


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