Ascent of Detectives

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Fri 18th Oct 2019 - Rodellar
9a+ Detectives

It's for me the best line in this grade in Rodellar. I did it yesterday, second go on the first day of this trip. I tried it 4 years ago without success. But I think the story of this first day of the trip makes this send more spicy. The night before yesterday I broke my car on the way to Rodellar. Stuck on the road I had two option : take care of the car or leave the car on the road and going anyway to Rodellar. It took me two seconds to decide the second option. I knew that friends were going there and I joined them in their van. We will take care of the car later . Thanks thomas_staudenmeyer and julia.cassou for the hospitality . We took the rain during the morning going in Picineta sector. It was a bad start, yet it was a good end . Now on to the other projects before the Big rain if tommorow.

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Sport 50m
S├ębastien Bouin

Showing all 1 ascent.