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Nice sector for more experienced climbers.


The sector, Planeta Zarza is a great area for experienced climbers who are able to climb routes graded 6 and higher. The climbing is quite technical here.. The sector was newly bolted as we've been there in the beginning of 2016.

Access issues

Please use the marked path down to the canyon and take all your belongings (including any waste) with you when leaving. Thank you! Super special thanks to everyone who takes also waste that was not originally brought by them!


From the TR-1 highway, take exit 42: Villa de Arico - Abades and head in the direction of Villa de Arico, taking the TF-629 until you reach a roundabout. Take the second exit of the roundabout, passing the Tenerife Climbing House, Roxtore climbing store, and large parking lot on the left hand side. Continue up the road towards the climgbing zone, Arico-Ortiz. After leaving the village, continue driving straight for about two minutes. You will drivce pass two sharp bends. Park on the left hand side of the street, right after the path, which leads down into the canyon. Follow this path for about five minutes until you reach the bottom. Make a left walking into the canyon, and after a few hundret meters, you will see the routes.


Please take all your waste with you when leaving!


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Newly developed by a group of local climbers in 2015/2016;


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