Setas en Parque Central




Two free open-air boulders in Parque Central with a local crowd.


The two free open-air boulders in Parque Central provide many challenging problems. Many locals come here in the evening hours and work on old and new problems

Very kids friendly. Dogs are not allowed in this area of the park. Toilets and a water fountain are nearby as part of the park facilities.

The boulders are pretty much in the sun all day. The few trees nearby have yet to grow to a substantial size to provide any significant shade. In the summer most people therefore come after 7pm. In the morning the boulders are in the shade until approx. 10am.

I'm new to this, what do the red and blue circles mean?

The holds marked with red circles denote the start of a boulder. The top hold is marked with a red circle, too. Start with both hands on the start hold (could be one or two start holds) and try to make your way to the top using only the blue holds. The top hold needs to be controlled with two hands for three seconds to successfully complete the boulder. Your feet may only use the blue holds or the red start holds (or the wall itself if it is of any help).

How can I create boulder topos like the ones uploaded already?

Currently, theCrag does not support creating boulder topos on artificial walls like this one. You can use an external app instead, like Boulder Problems for Android (used to create topos for this area).

Template photos of both boulders are available here.

How can I add my own routes and topos to this website?

Through one of the following ways:

  • Request Editor Permission for this crag (button somewhere on the top right), then you can add new routes and topos yourself.
  • Send your topo to Dominik including the following information: name of the route, grade of the route.


During the opening hours of Parque Central you can boulder here for free. Opening hours of Parque Central.

  • Spring, summer: 8:00 - 21:00
  • Autumn, winter: 8:00 - 19:00


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Setas is the Spanish word for mushrooms.


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