Heart Wall




Follow the trail at the end of the parking and past the temple up the hill for 20 minutes.



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Grade Route

Bouldery and powerful start and a great thin slab section. Bit of a squeeze job, but none the less, a great line! Hardest route at the lower sector of Heart Wall.

Enjoyable pumpy climbing on good rock all the way to the top. Quick link lower offs.

Great line for the grade and a stunning pump fest to the top from the half way point.

Cool climbing on great rock. The big flake is a wonderful feature and super knee bar friendly no matter your size.

Awesome technical climbing at the grade with a lovely decision for all at the I go left or right?

Very unique climbing for the grade on a great clump of rock. Unusual indeed.

It climbs ok and it's a bit of fun.

Fun to play on for the grade.

Technical crux cross through with a delightful finish. Worth the effort!

Stunning climbing all the way to the anchors. It really doesn't get more enjoyable than this. Get on it!

Powerful climbing on steep terrain. As the name says "Decide".

Tough and short with a balancy committing finish. Little runout with a dodgy fall possibility. Pull hard youngsters.

Its all there, you just need to find it all. Good climbing.

Very unusual rock with a nice little touch of "Weird" attached. Have Fun!

Technical thrutchy start then you're off and running........and you will be....Impressed.

Absolutely stunning for the grade. Varied and powerful in spots.

This is the best at the grade in the area. Simply stunning climbing all the way to the top. The route can be climbed with 60m rope, it has an anchor at 20m (just over the big tufa).

Sleep climbing through tufas, with a powerful pull over the lip to balancy stance a little way above your last bolt.....hence the name.

Great climbing on beautiful rock. Go for the onsight!

Super bouldery and thrutchy from the ground to the anchors. Do if that sort of thing suits you.

Go and go left and then left again and up and then up again. First anchor at 22 metres, then final anchor at 25 metres. Great route. Pain to clean.

Nice varied climbing for the grade. Short but value packed. Quick links at the anchors.

Great fun climbing with a sting in the tail. Pull hard for the on-sight.

Super fun, super easy and all the way to the top. Sometime you even get monkeys at the anchors trying to steal your quick draws. Take a spare if you're the second on the route. You have been warned.

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