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Nakwero Rock Rock climbing

0 route in crag
  • Grades: SA
  • Approach time: 1 min
  • Photos: 4
  • Aka: Kasaayi Rock

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This crag does not have any routes listed!

We really need somebody who knows this crag to tell us what sectors, cliffs, boulders and routes that are in this crag- just the names and grades at this stage. You may use our web interface or throw it into an excel spreadsheet and send it to us. You will be attributed and earn lots of Karma points. If you are a publisher then we can use your copyright.

Please contact us if you want to know more or just get on with it.


So far unclimbed, this slab has potential, but would need to be bolted and routes look quite hard. It looks like the main pillar has never been summited by anyone, so FA away!



There is a gorgeous cluster of huge boulders and pillars at this site. Most have overhung starts with few features/holds. I have a video of the area. If you are interested, I'll send it to you.

I think the lines here are too hard for most climbers, which is probably why nobody has developed it yet.


Access issues

Local community was friendly, didn't ask for money and welcomed us to climb.



Park just off the main road. From there it is just a minute or so up to the crag.


Where to stay

Stay in Kampala or camp nearby.



Try to develop a positive impression of climbers as this community isn't familiar with our sport/lifestyle. Please don't pay for climbing as climbing at almost all UG crags is free. Maybe pay a little money for parking or buy some produce to contribute to the local economy.



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We have been seeing this for years on our way to/from Insita. It's never been climbed or developed.


Some content has been provided under license from: © Matt Battani (Matt Battani)

This crag doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

If you are familiar with Nakwero Rock please take the time to add what you know. Thanks!

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