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We really need somebody who knows this crag to tell us what sectors, cliffs, boulders and routes that are in this crag- just the names and grades at this stage. You may use our web interface or throw it into an excel spreadsheet and send it to us. You will be attributed and earn lots of Karma points. If you are a publisher then we can use your copyright.

Please contact us if you want to know more or just get on with it.


Another gorgeous cluster of boulders and pillars about 2km from Insita/Luwazi. Many of the lines look too hard for most climbers. There are some ramp slabs that could be bolted.



A beautiful, yet undeveloped/unclimbed area near Kampala. Natural anchors are great in some places, but missing in others. Mostly, this area would need some bolts. Rock is 13-15m high.

Lots of the starts are overhung. This is similar to Kkungu and Kasaayi. However, once the start is overcome, more possible lines appear.

The rock is excellent quality and has never been climbed. You can see this rock from Luwazi. It's in a cluster of trees and a bit hard to spot.


Access issues

Access was granted freely. The local population was friendly. They did ask for money, but we didn't pay. If you park or camp nearby, you'd need to pay a little something for that.



There is a road directly at the foot of this rock, but it is hard to find. We approached by jogging from Insita. You'd need a local guide or to study satellite maps a bit to find the right road leading to Ketabya.


Where to stay

Stay in Kampala or bush camp nearby.



This community is pretty unfamiliar with climbing/climbers. Be careful to develop a positive relationship for future climbers. Locals have some awareness of our sport due to the long tradition of climbing nearby at Insita.



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We found this rock in 2016. However, we didn't have enough strong climbers to warrant it's development. We only had one drill and were focused on developing other sites like Rwakobo, Pierre's Quarry, Kkungu and Chema. This rock, along with Kasaayi could be bolted to greatly increase the number of sport routes near Kampala.


Some content has been provided under license from: © Matt Battani (Matt Battani)

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