Hammond Pond Reservation has a scattering of rock outcrops that offer some of the best bouldering in Metro Boston as well as beginner toproping.


Hammond Pond Reservation has a scattering of rock outcrops that offer some of the best bouldering in Metro Boston as well as beginner toproping. The rock, Roxbury pudding stone, is the Massachusetts state rock; this conglomerate of delta bottom debris offers a unique climbing surface dimpled with glacially worn pebbles and pockets where the pebbles are missing. Routes range from the low-angle slab and crack climbs at the Lower Wall to the overhanging test pieces at the Alcove and Temple Wall. While some routes can be led, most are toproped or bouldered. Long slings (20ft-40ft) are required for toproping at all areas.

Hammond Pond has several classic walls; Lower Wall The Alcove, Temple Area, and Pusherman Wall are all worthy destinations. The less-visited Pinnacle Area includes a number of interesting formations and is worth a visit, especially when the other areas are crowded.

Access issues inherited from Boston

Many of the popular climbing areas in the Boston area lie in protected state parks and urban wildlife areas. Some are even conserved by special interest groups dedicated to preserving the history of climbing in the area. In and around the city, there are many walls and boulders that lie on semi-private and questionable land. Use your best judgement and follow your guides.


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION - Take the D branch of the green line to Chestnut Hill stop. From the outbound platform head up the stairs and to the left. Follow the road for a few hundred yards until you see Star Market on the right. Turn into the parking lot and head all the way to the end of the mall., walking between the mall and the pond. Head to the right around the end of the pond and the small parking lot. Then follow the directions below for each location.

DRIVING - Take Route 9 (Boylston Street) to the Chestnut Hill Mall. Turn north on Hammond Pond Parkway and, almost immediately, turn right into the mall parking lot and left into the small lot between the pond and Hammond Pond Parkway.

Lower Wall, Alcove Area - From the northwest end of the parking lot, a gated fire road leads to the Lower Wall. A maze of paths connects to the other destinations.

Temple Area - From the pond parking lot, go 0.4 miles north on Hammond Pond Parkway to the former Mishkan Tefila temple (now a Boston College building) on the left. Ample public parking is available in the upper lot behind and to the right of the temple. From the north side of the building, head into the woods on a wide, red-and-blue blazed trail at a "Webster Conservation Area" sign. This trail leads directly to the right end of Pusherman Wall. To find Temple Overhang, turn right before Pusherman Wall and continue along a trail toward the parkway; the Temple Overhang is on the right. To find the Cave Area, walk left along the base of Pusherman Wall. Bear slightly left on a major trail and then right on a faint trail.

Pinnacle Area - From the pond parking lot, go 0.9 miles north on Hammond Pond Parkway. Park in a poorly defined pullout on the west side of the parkway, at the third light pole away from Beacon Street. From the pullout, a path leads past the south end of the outcrops. Turn right on a smaller trail to reach the climbs.


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Longest hard climb at the pond

FA: Henry Barber


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