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Access issues inherited from Motherlode Region

Please climb responsible and follow Leave No Trace practices. All dogs must be leashed or under control of their owners. Stay off tagged projects and do not touch or use any project ropes, draws, or other gear. Stay on established trails and do not mark or damage tress or other vegetation. Approval by the RRGCC is required prior to the establishment of any new crags or trails. No hunting, trapping, digging for archaeological artifacts, or operation of motorized vehicles off established roads is permitted. No open fires are permitted due to the oil extraction activity in the area and the enormous threat of forest fire in a region of numerous oil wells would pose. Overnight camping (no long-term camping) is permitted as long as it is not in a climbing area, along a trail, or near any oil equipment. Please remove all refuse and bury human waste.


From the parking P5 take the first exit, cross the street and hike up a dirt road for a few minutes, you will see the crag on your left. There is a connection trail to Drive-By Crag on the left side of the crag.


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Grade Route

FA: Mark Ryan, 2012

Set by Eric Davenport & Mark Ryan, 2009

FA: Sarah Gross, 2014

FA: Sarah Gross & Troy Davison, 2014

FA: Sarah Gross, 2014

FA: Troy Davison, 2013

FA: Andrew Wheatley, Mike Wheatley, Phil Wilkes & Arthur Cammers

FA: Jason McCleanen, 2005

FA: Andrew Gearing & Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Sarah Gross, 2014

FA: Kenny Barker, 2006

FA: Andrew Gearing, 2006

FA: Andrew Wheatley, 2009

FA: Unknown

FA: Jordan Stein, 2011

FA: Keith Moll

FA: Brendan Leader, 2012

FA: Sean McColl, 2007

FA: Kenny Barker, 2007

FA: Jack Hume, Tony Tramontin, Steve McFarland, Gene Hume & David Hume

FA: Kelley Gorder, 1996

FA: Dave Hume

FA: Alex Megos, Oct 2015

FA: Mickael Fuselier, 2007

Flashed by Adam Ondra (30/10/2012)

FA: Adam Taylor, 21 Nov 2011

FA: Joe Kinder, 2008

FA: Chris Martin

FA: Andrew Wheatley, 2011

FA: Chris Martin, 1997

FA: Chris Martin, 1997

FA: Chris Martin, 1997

FA: Porter Jarrard, 1997

FA: Porter Jarrard

FA: Chris Martin, 1997

FA: Chris Martin

FA: Mark Johnson & Drew Cronan, 2006

FA: Brendan Leader, 2012

FA: Daniel Du Lac, 2007

FA: The Hume Brothers, 1998

FA: Scott Curran, 2013

FA: Sarah Gross, 2014

FA: Zachary Lesch-Huie & Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Siamak Pazirandeh & Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Siamak Pazirandeh & Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Siamak Pazirandeh & Dustin Stephens, 2012

FA: Dustin Stephens & Zachary Lesch-Huie, 2012

FA: Dustin Stephens & Siamak Pazirandeh, 2012


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