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In Mar 2014 theCrag community made 18,699 updates and and added 465 new members.

Rank Climber Karma
1 David Gibbs 8,424points
2 J Hart 3,405points
3 Justus Zimmerman 320points
4 Tim Reddy 275points
5 Jacob Josef 176points
6 Dustin Siegel 167points
7 Ed Dillon 121points
8 Steve Marr 117points
9 Dave Crux 115points
10 ben reardon 93points
11 David Holmes 87points
12 Morgan Heater 77points
13 Alanna 76points
14 Michael Baetz 75points
15 David Aguasca 67points
16 Ty 63points
17 Luke Stefurak 57points
18 Mark Robbins 56points
19 @bootstrapping 55points
19 Hafiz 55points
21 Charles Lacroix 50points
21 Félix Bourassa-Moreau 50points
23 Bill Matsinger 47points
24 Dan Gould 44points
25 Jonathan Williams 43points

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