Ascents climbed between 2022-06-01 and 2022-06-30 in World by Hywel Rowlands having cleanbst

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty Score
Tue 28th Jun 2022 - Ailefroide
La gorge
7a Kullakita

Beautiful line with a couple of challenging cruxes

Sport 31m Classic 31
6c L'été indien

Just brilliant

Sport 25m Classic 25
Tue 28th Jun 2022 - Entre-les-Aygues
Trou Trou
6c La directe des touffes

Sustained with a wicked crux which took a while to figure

Sport 18m Very Good 18
6b La perrier citron

Only just, so hard

Sport 15m Good 15
Sat 25th Jun 2022 - Rocher Baron
Quand on a que l'amour
6c Au jour du grand voyage Sport 20m Very Good 20
6b J'en rêve encore Sport 20m Very Good 0
6a Mission eureka Sport 20m Average 0
5c Graine de star Sport 20m Good 0
Sat 25th Jun 2022 - Les Traverses et la Vignette
6a+ La piste oubliée Sport 55m Good 0
6a Houba-houba

Very nice and quite challenging in places despite the easy grade

Sport 20m Very Good 20
6c Le grand chemin

Sustained, thin in middle and not obvious way finding

Sport 25m Very Good 25
Sat 18th Jun 2022 - Massif du Mont Blanc
Les Aiguilles de Chamonix Envers des Aiguilles Tour Verte
6a+ Le Piege Trad 200m Classic 200
Fri 17th Jun 2022 - Les Aiguilles Rouges
Le Brevent
6c Poème à Lou

Second pitch is stellar all the way.

Sport 250m Mega Classic 250
6c+ La Fin de Babylone

Superb outing that keeps challenging all the way

Sport 220m Mega Classic 220
6a Voie Frison-Roche

Mostly a one star route but the last pitch is supercool climbing

Sport 220m Good 220
Mon 13th Jun 2022 - Barberine
La Zone
6b+ Moonshine

Super thin up top

Sport 35m 35
6b+ La Zone Sport 35m 35
7a+ Play it again Sam

You can’t get more consistent at the grade than this, a fight all the way. Amazing.

Sport 30m Mega Classic 30
7a Sam's Route

Great route, not too difficult

Sport 30m 30
Fri 10th Jun 2022 - Massif du Mont Blanc
Les Aiguilles de Chamonix Envers des Aiguilles Tour Rouge
6a+ Le Marchand de Sable

Superb. Pull on one bolt through wet slab.

Trad 330m Mega Classic 330
Sat 4th Jun 2022 - Les Gaillands
Dièdre Frendo
6a+ La Batson

Very nice slabbing

Sport 45m Very Good 0
Sat 4th Jun 2022 - Les Gaillands
6c+ Barracuda

Top section is full on but very good

Sport 25m Very Good 0
6a+ Jypskey

Better than it looks enjoyed the problem solving

Sport 25m 0
6b Le Couscous

Very tricky and technical trad style climbing

Sport 25m Very Good 0

Showing all 24 ascents.

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