Ascents climbed between 2022-07-01 and 2022-07-31 in World by Kieran Norwood having cleanbst

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty Score
Thu 28th Jul 2022 - Valley of the Ten Peaks
The Grand Sentinel
5.10d Cardiac Arete

As good as a day in the mountains gets.

- with claire xian
Sport 110m, 12 Mega Classic 110
5.9 The Grand Sentinel - with claire xian Trad 100m Mega Classic 100
Thu 28th Jul 2022 - Banff
Mt. Louis
5.10 5.10 III Homage to the Spider - with claire xian Trad 700m Classic 700
Sat 23rd Jul 2022 - Banff
Mount Bourgeau
5.10d The Early Worm - with claire xian Sport 190m Very Good 190
Sat 23rd Jul 2022 - Banff
Black Feather Canyon Rainbow Wall
5.10d Delicate Sound of Thunder Sport 18m, 7 Good 18
Sat 23rd Jul 2022 - Canmore
Acephale Upper Wall - Bataille
5.11b Dale's Extender Sport 14m, 9 Average 14
5.11a The Warm-Up Sport 10m, 4 Average 10
Fri 15th Jul 2022 - Canmore
Acephale The Junction
5.11c Nitro light Sport 11m, 7 Average 11
5.12b Bucking Horse Sport 34m, 13 Very Good 34
Wed 13th Jul 2022 - Banff
Ravens Crag Solid Wall
5.12a House of Usher Sport 14m, 6 Very Good 14
5.12b The Sleeper

Second shot!

- with claire xian
Sport 13m, 7 Classic 13
Wed 13th Jul 2022 - Banff
Ravens Crag Main Arena (Steep Wall)
5.11c Heart Shaped Box Sport 12m, 5 Very Good 12
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Palioxori
Pitsili beach
6b 6b/b+ Pips Sport 15m, 7 Very Good 15
6b+ 6b+/c Poor leno Sport 15m, 8 Very Good 15
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Palioxori
7a Waterworld

Cool, bouldery moves in an unreal spot. Grateful to be handed this FA.

Sport 10m, 4 Classic 10
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Takakkaw Falls
5.6 5.7 Takakkaw Falls Route

Amazing adventure in an amazing setting, served on choss.

Mixed trad 430m, 18 Mega Classic 425
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Canmore
Heart Creek Amphitheatre Upper Amphitheatre
5.10d Slackline King Sport 17m, 7 Average 17
Tue 12th Jul 2022 - Lake Louise
Outhouse Area
5.11a Wicked Gravity Sport 22m, 8 Mega Classic 22
5.11b Bloodsport Sport 35m, 10 Mega Classic 35
5.6 Pub Night Trad 20m Good 20

Showing all 20 ascents.

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