Ascents climbed between 2022-07-01 and 2022-07-31 in World as Send, Repeat or Dab as boulder by William Frost-Foster by a male

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty Score
Sun 31st Jul 2022 - Blackwall
V13 Academic Revision

Chill session by myself. No music, just the sound of the bush and nearby streets. Best 20-40 seconds of climbing in my life. Done the original way without top out but will be back for it.

Boulder Mega Classic 4,433
Sat 30th Jul 2022 - Blackwall
V10 Sinusoidal

Did it a while back

- with Tom Hodgson
Boulder Very Good 3,933
Sat 16th Jul 2022 - The Balkans
The Frontline Front and Centre
V9 Low Down Boogie (Original)

wimped out the first time

Boulder 5m Very Good 3,767
Sat 16th Jul 2022 - The Balkans
The Frontline Area Q
V10 Rocket Man Left

The extra moves really add some extra oomph. Psyched!

- with Nathan Hingee
Boulder 4m Classic 3,933

Showing all 4 ascents.

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