Ascents climbed between 2022-06-01 and 2022-06-30 in World as boulder by Alec Landstra having cleanbst

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Grade Route Gear style Quality Difficulty Score
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - East Killara
The Promised Land Middle Tier Genesis Right Wing Christianity
V5 The Drunk Apostle

forgot to log last time

Boulder 3m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
Pipe Dreams
V3 Pipe Dreams

great problem

Boulder 3m Classic 1
V5 Upper Pipe Dreams

Thought this great too! Really cool moves

Boulder 3m 1
V3 Dream Pipe Boulder 7m 1
V5 Put That In Your Pipe and Smoke It

Used the kneebar halfway along pipe dreams to recover. I was flaming

Boulder 1
V4 3 Boulder 2m 1
V2 4 Boulder 4m 1
V4 Big Wednesday Boulder 3m 1
V3 Pipe Wednesday Boulder 5m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
Bum Crack/Pocketed Face
V4 Kim's Arete

Took a while so figure out. Great problem though!

Boulder 3m 1
V3 4 Boulder 4m 1
V0 5 - Bum Crack Boulder 3m 1
V2 1 Boulder 3m 1
V2 2 Boulder 3m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
The Downclimb Slab
V0 The Lindfield Traverse - 2 Boulder 2m 1
V0 The Downclimb Slab Boulder 2m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
Kenny Boulder
V1 1 Boulder 2m 1
V0 2 Boulder 2m 1
V2 3 Boulder 3m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
Walkdown Wall
V3 The Lindfield Traverse - 1 Boulder 12m 1
V1 10 Boulder 4m 1
V2 11 Boulder 4m 1
V1 2 Boulder 3m 1
V0 3 Boulder 3m 1
V3 4 Boulder 3m 1
V4 5

Had to crimp pretty hard. Looks like some of the underclings have snapped off

Boulder 4m 1
V3 7 - Discontinuous Crack Boulder 4m 1
V2 8 Boulder 4m 1
V1 9 - Walkdown Crack Boulder 4m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
First Wall
V0 1 Boulder 4m 1
VB- 2 - Tunnel expedition Boulder 1
V5 3

Thought this was quite fun!

Boulder 4m 1
V4 Ralph's Arete Boulder 4m Very Good 1
V5 Ralph's Arete (sit start)

Nice holds and moves

Boulder 4m Very Good 1
V2 5 Boulder 4m 1
V3 6 Boulder 4m 1
V4 8 Boulder 4m 1
V4 9 Boulder 4m 1
Wed 22nd Jun 2022 - Lindfield Rocks
Trail Boulders
V2 Sunny Side Up

these problems are cool. But a bit sandy

Boulder 2m 1
V2 1 Boulder 6m 1
V2 2

Death by 1000000 sand grains

Boulder 4m 1
V1 Sand Boulder 1
V2 3 Boulder 3m 1
V2 4 Boulder 3m 1
V0 Fingers Boulder 3m 1
V0 Feet Boulder 3m 1
V0 Arms Boulder 3m 1
V1 Hands

Thought this little wall was actually quite good! Nice pockets and edges

Boulder 3m 1
Tue 21st Jun 2022 - The Wing Cave
V3 Keep Out Of Reach Of Children Boulder 4m Very Good 1
V2 Pussy Whipped

Fun boulder on nice holds

Boulder 2m Good 1
V5 Super Whipped

Didn’t think I was going to use the small flake, but ended up and it was way easier than the other way I was trying

Boulder 2m Good 1
V6 Watch Your Back Jack

Long move! Even for my 6’3’ frame

Boulder Good 1
V2 For The Love Traverse Boulder 5m Good 1
V5 V5 R Ultra Whipped Boulder Good 1
V3 Seeping Slit

The slit was indeed seeping, but managed to keep it together

Boulder 4m Good 1
V3 Up Draft Boulder 4m Good 1
V6 Porn

Wanted to get on the Incredible Hulk , but it was seeping pretty badly. This one was ok though

Boulder 4m Good 1
V7 Weak Ape Test Zone

Absolute classic boulder! Glad to get it done in a session. Great mix of slopers, edges, and heels

Boulder 4m Mega Classic 1
V3 V3/4 Finga Pinga Traverse

I see why it is called the finger pinger. Some definite flapper potential. Felt closer to v4, but I may have just been tired after everything else

Boulder 6m Average 1
V3 Flapping Around

Great flake feature

Boulder 4m Very Good 1
Fri 10th Jun 2022 - Nowra
Bomaderry Creek Creek Side Lower
V6 Elephant Rider

I rode the elephant all right! Hard mantle that took me forever to figure out

Boulder 3m 1
Fri 10th Jun 2022 - Nowra
Bomaderry Creek Creek Side Upper
V5 Making U Classier

did with a long move up to a RH sidpull at the lip, rather than use that flake that looks like it is about to come off. Was a bit streno that way

Boulder 4m Average 1
V7 Catch the Wave

Not too hard, but pretty weird. Took a little figuring out

Boulder 4m Very Good 1
V1 Bumbling Monkey

some cool jugs, little sandy

Boulder 1
Fri 10th Jun 2022 - Nowra
Bomaderry Creek Cheesedale Cheesedale bouldering
V6 Two Fingered Destiny

fell off matching the top sloper twice before the send, Great problem and not as nails as I first thought.

Boulder 3m Very Good 1

Showing all 65 ascents.

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