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Date: 2023

A free PDF guidebooks covering the crags in the Ermionida region.

Areas: Ermionida

Author(s): FFME

Date: 2022

A climbing guide for the small area Hauteroche / 258 routes / difficulties range from 3b to 8a on the French scale / single-pitch routes with a maximum of 30 metres.

Areas: Hauteroche

Author(s): R. Bolling

Date: 2019

The bouldering guidebook describes 12 bouldering areas around the Arctic Circle / 1568 boulder problems and many open projects.

Areas: Salten , Helgeland

Author(s): Autorenkollektiv

Date: 2014

Areas: Südschwarzwald

Author(s): J. Šolc, L. Rendl

Date: 2021

Bouldering in the nice landscape of Broumov highlands / sandstone in all possible forms / more than 875 boulder problems at 210 boulder.

Areas: Ostaš

Author(s): ffcam

Date: 2020

The Climbing Guidebook describes 23 climbing areas between Crest in the west and Lus la Croix Haute in the east on the impressive outskirts of Vercors.

Areas: Pennes-le-Sec , Le Claps , Romeyer , Saoû

Author(s): Vertical Planet

Date: 2014

Athens Climbing Guidebook describes 33 climbing areas in the city and its immediate surroundings / finest limestone in various positions and in difficulties / from 4a to 9a, with more than 1100 routes.

Areas: Athens

Author(s): Author collective

Date: 2019

The Climbing Guidebook Escalade en Isère describes routes in the areas Vallées de Grenobles, Chartreuse and Nord Isère - single-rope and multi-pitch areas, with the short sport ones in the majority.

Areas: Grenoble Area

Author(s): CAF Causses et Cévennes

Date: 2019

The Climbing Guidebook for the Jonte Gorge offers climbing for every taste - 300 routes with a depth of about 500 meters / mostly multi pitches trad climbing, sport climbing / 5b - 8b+ french scale /

Areas: Gorges de la Jonte

Author(s): M. Chinello & M. Simionato

Date: 2018

Climbing Guidebook for the Euganean Hills near Padua- 4 climbing areas - climbing mainly in the 4th-6th french scale.

Areas: Rocca Pendice , Scoio di bagnara , Pria del Monte Grande

Author(s): R. Gemza, M. Oswald, C. Pfanzelt

Date: 2021

Areas: Wettersteingebirge

Author(s): L. Alfonso

Date: 2017

A comprehensive Guidebook for the Barcelona area in the south and west of the city - 47 areas - the majority of the routes are sporty single pitches.

Areas: Catalan coastal ranges north

Author(s): FFME

Date: 2021

This climbing guide describes 8 climbing areas around Mont Lozère - 500 routes distributed in family-friendly sectors with routes in the 3rd, 4th and 5th frech scale or sport climbing in the 6th and 7th.

Areas: Lozère

Author(s): M. Oviglia

Date: 2010

This climbing guide describes climbing gardens close to the valley as well as the well-known alpine walls of the Sergent, Caporal and at the Colle del Nivolet.

Areas: Valle Orco

Author(s): D. Gorgeon & Ph. Legier

Date: 2015

Limestone of Sainte Victoire without limits - Area: southern France, close to Aix–en-Prevence - Difficulties: 2 - 8 french scale / single and multi pitches.

Areas: La Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Author(s): Authors Collective

Date: 2020

Innerdalen is one of the most classic mountain climbing areas in Norway. The book describes classical alpinroutes.

Areas: Innerdal

Author(s): M. Stadler

Date: 2021

Areas: Wilder Kaiser

Author(s): J. Brüderl, R.Kühberger

Date: 2020

Areas: Watzmann , Steinernes Meer , Reiteralm , Saalachtal

Author(s): B. Arnold

Date: 2017

Der Kletterführer bietet den ultimativen Überblick über die großen klassischen Kletterwege an den bis zu 100 Meter hohen Felsen des Elbsandsteingebirges.

Areas: Sächsische Schweiz

Author(s): A. Pasold, F. Rademacher

Date: 2016

Areas: Ostalb

Author(s): Adi Stocker

Date: 2019

Areas: Steinplatte

Author(s): A. Schuster

Date: 2018

Areas: Vogtland

Author(s): A.Battaglia, S. Boato

Date: 2012

ISBN: 978-88-97299-17-2

This climbing guide describes 16 climbing spots / from Grappa massif, the Brenta canal to the Asiago plateau - difficulties are mainly in the 6th and 7th french scale.

Areas: Monte Grappa , San Floriano , Valle Santa Felicita , Costa

Author(s): A. Fischbacher, K. Schall

Date: 2019

Areas: Dachsteingebirge

Author(s): D. Munilla

Date: 2018

Climbing around Gibraltar - 17 climbing areas in the province Cádiz between Tarifa and Olvera - routes between 5th and 8th grade french scale / single and multi pitches.

Areas: Cádiz

Showing 1 - 30 out of 623 publications.

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