Diskussionen, denen Du folgst

You may watch forums and discussions from your dashboard. Watching forums is a great way to keep informed with whats going on in the areas that interest you.

Any unread discussions you are involved in will be directed to your dashboard.

If you watch a forum then you will also get unread discussions from that forum directed to your dashboard.

You may watch general forums or forums at any area. Click the 'Watch' button in the forum to watch a forum. Click the 'Unwatch' button in a forum to stop watching a forum.

You will also watch the forum for an area when you favorite an area. If you do not want to watch a forum for a favorited area then you may 'unwatch' the forum without effecting your favorite.

Watching a forum at any area means you will see discussion updates from any descendent area or any ancestor area. You will not see discussions from sibling areas.

For example if you want to want to watch all worldwide area discussions click the Welt forum then the 'Watch' button.

Or if you want to want to find out about new release discussions then click the Release then the 'Watch' button.

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