Aesthetic Cave

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A large beautiful green cave. Please don't climb here, just admire the sheer beauty of it

Einschränk. übernommen von Mons School Road Park

This area has been gazetted by the council as a park (according to google maps). However, we have been approached by locals wondering what we are doing here. Please realize that this is still a fairly residential neighbourhood, and that although the residents are friendly we still need to be as polite as possible to them. This includes keeping noise levels low, cleaning up after yourself and others and carpooling to the crag. The residents have also expressed concerns about fires resulting from the dryness of the park so it is encouraged that if you are smoking to be mindful of where you ash your smokes, and what you do with the butts. If possible please do not smoke at the crag.

Carpooling- Flow bouldering have offered the use of their carpark as a meeting spot for people to carpool from. It's five minutes down the road and has coffee and chalk.

Ethik übernommen von Mons School Road Park

Sandstone - Please don't climb here after rain, the sandstone becomes brittle and will break.

Please consider pad placement when bouldering in Buderim aiming not to put pads on flora or fauna.

Clean up after your session. This includes clearing rubbish and brushing holds free of any chalk you use. If chalk spillage occurs please hoard it back into your chalk depository device like a miserly gremlin.

Keep noise and group numbers to a minimum.

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