Trad Climbing Area with steep granit rock cliffs up to 25m. Spectacular overhangig roof at the top. Good alternative to overcrowded Burenkogel. Toprope possible.


The "Lotta Wand" (Lotta Wall) is a granit wall typical for the area. Tradclimbing and Drytooling only. Very spectacular wall.


by car : its about 25min from linz. go to rottenegg and drive the street upstream the Große Rodel Tal till you reach the parking of the burenkogel (see there) by bike : you can take your bike with you in the train to rottenegg for 2 euro hiking : go to rottenegg by train and follow the hiking path upstream till you reach the marked stone (see below) from the other side.


by car : just drive to the parking lot of the burenkogel and park there. then cross the river over the bridge and turn right (by the house). Follow the hiking trail downstream for about 15-20min until you see a stone with red-white-red marks on it. The Lotta Wand is now left of you up in the forest. So climb a small path (if its still there) steep upwards until you see the cliff.


youthhostel in linz or camping in the area.


For ethic reasons and legal concerns the wall was not bolted. All routes are easy to belay with mobile traditional tools. Even no pegs are needed. On the top you will find several trees with rings and slings, so toproping and headpointing is easy. It is maybe the best tradclimbing spot in the mühlviertel. Also drytooling possible.


Grafik zur historischen Entwicklung

Also as big as the famous Burenkogel it was first found and cleaned in 2008, as it seems a bit hidden in the forest. All existing routes were defined and climbed by "fleisch" (Robert Wacha) and friends becomming their favorit tradclimbing playground.


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