Zugang: June 2022 Update, Rock Closures due to Rock Fall at The Chief

Latest Closure Update:

Grand Wall closure area reduced, Grand Wall (5.11a A0) and Exasperator (5.10c) are now open.

Grand Wall boulder closure reduced to cover just the debris field

North Walls

Darkside Boulders and Angel’s Crest reopened, Debris field and all routes between Alaska Highway and Parallel Universe closed.

After rock scaling and dealing with danger trees we are happy to say that BC Parks have reduced and removed some of the closures.

Our understanding is that before reopening any of the remaining closures BC Parks is working on signage and assessing liability. Neither the North Walls or Dihedrals rockfalls would be easy to address through scaling. Squamish Access Society is advocating that the areas are reopened with climbers taking responsibility for their decision to enter them.

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Einschränk. übernommen von Smoke Bluffs

Some cliffs are on private land, and closed. Others are close to private homes -- please keep the noise level down near homes, and do not anchor off fences, hydro towers, or anything else that is similar.



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Schwierigkeitsgrad Route

Erstbegehung: Bryan Beard & Ray Parker

Erstbegehung: Jeff Thompson

Direct start, steep then balancy.

Protecting the boulder at the bottom is a good idea. Nice mellow climbing to a vertical section heading left into a great crack to the anchors. Good protection

Erstbegehung: Robin Barley & Chuck Mullard, 1981

The Direct finish.

Erstbegehung: Robin Barley & D. Cody

Erstbegehung: Kevin McLane, B Protsch & Joe Turley

Erstbegehung: Scott Flavelle & J. Howe

Erstbegehung: Peter Croft, D. Fulton & P. Kindree

Erstbegehung: Jesse Brown & Graeme Taylor

Erstbegehung: Scott Flavelle

Erstbegehung: Dale Caldwell

Erstbegehung: Marc-Andre Leclerc

Erstbegehung: Andrew Boyd

Erste freie Begeh.: Ben Harnden, 2019

Erstbegehung: Jeremy Blumel

Erschliesser: Anders Ourom

Erstbegehung: Peter Croft & Tami Knight, 1978

Erstbegehung: K Mortensen & Dale Caldwell

Follow the nice finger crack that widens large hands at the top.

Belay the second from the top.

Either walk down or rappel down "Crime of the Century"

Erste freie Begeh.: Anders Ourom & John Arts, 1978

Erstbegehung: J Brodie & M Campbell

Big Bro?

Erstbegehung: Anders Ourum & L. Soet

Erstbegehung: Peter Croft

Erstbegehung: Sonnie Trotter, 2007

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Autor(en): Kevin McLane & Andrew Boyd

Datum: 2018

ISBN: 9780986519147

A definitive guidebook describing the rock climbing found at Squamish, near Vancouver, covering both single pitch routes, and the huge multi-pitch routes up the face of the infamous Chief face.

Autor(en): Rich Wheater

Datum: 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9877796-5-6

With 300 routes, 600 boulder problems and a handful of fine alpine objectives, Vancouver Rock Climbing provides comprehensive coverage of the diverse climbing scene around Vancouver, Canada.

  • Provides detailed coverage of Howe Sound, Caulfeild Sea Cliffs, Cypress Falls Park, Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Lynn Valley and Deep Cove
  • Includes full-color images and maps, descriptions of conditions and approach notes for each climbing area
  • Each climb description tells you what gear to use, how many bolts there are, a difficulty rating, the pitch length and where to start and end

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