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Schwierigkeitsgrad Route Stil Beliebtheit
糖厂 Sugar Factory
5.12d Trick or Treat

Set by Andrew Hedesh, Dez 2015

FA: TJ, Feb 2016

Sport 25m, 12
5.12b The Dentist
Sport 25m, 11
5.12b Silly you Silly me
Sport 25m, 10
5.12d Smart Jingyi

FA: valentine

Sport 25m, 10
5.13a Candyman

Set by andrew

Sport 25m, 9
Open Project
SportProject 25m, 10
5.13a Willy Wonka

Set by andrew

Sport 25m, 11
狮龙山 Riverside
5.13a Over the river

5.12d in the old topo.

Set by Duncan Brown, Jul 2011

FA: Da Wei, Aug 2013

Sport 31m, 12
5.12d Dao De Jing

FFA: Said Belhaj, 2011

Sport 31m, 12
5.12a Exploited with impunity

FA: Tyson wallace, Jul 2011

Sport 21m, 8
5.12b Over my dead body

FA: Duncan brown, Jul 2011

Sport 21m, 11
5.11d Guardian Angel

FA: Zhang Yong, 2014

Sport 26m, 11
5.11d Small Man, Big Move

FA: Nikolai Ng, Jul 2011

Sport 25m, 11
5.12a A Fistful of Steel
Sport 25m, 10
5.12b A Fistful of Condoms

Shares start with Steel. Branches off right at the 5th bolt

FA: Duncan Brown, Jun 2011

Sport 23m, 11
5.11b The Everything Guy

FA: Simon Dilks, 2005

Sport 18m, 5
5.12a plight of the retards

Set by andrew

FA: Connor

5.13a When Monkeys Attack
Sport 30m, 12
5.13a Fat Monkey

FA: Dave Gliddon, 2005

Sport 34m, 12
5.12a 蜻蜓 Dragonfly

Fun steep cranking, with big moves between big jugs.

Sport 15m, 6
5.14a 十年 Ten years

extension to Dragonfly. finishes on Fat Monkey

Sport 35m, 13
5.14a Yangshuo Gang

Before the roof of Flaming hornets, breaks left.

5.12c 火烧黄蜂 Flaming Hornets (p1)

FA: Dave Gliddon, 2007

Sport 18m, 10
5.13c Flight of the Bumblebee

Flaming Hornets (p1 & p2)

Set by Dave Gliddon

FA: Alan Moore, 2007

Sport 40m, 17
5.13c Stinger

Flaming Hornets (p1 & p2)

FA: Dave Gliddon, 2007

Sport 35m, 16
5.12b Far, Far Away

Shares the start with FH (about 5m right of Dragonfly), before moving right through overhangs on large jugs to a 2 Bolt Belay. Very powerful.

FA: Roman Stuefer & Klaus Kofler, 2008

Sport 17m, 8
5.13c 今天的啤酒 Celebration Ale

Do you fear the difficulty?

Sport 35m, 8
5.12d Smack Down

Absolute all-time classic pumper. Rest in Peace Dave , 28/11/2017

FFA: Dave Gliddon, 2006

Sport 20m, 13
5.12c Twin Smack

FA: Dave Gliddon, Aug 2014

Sport 19m, 11
5.13a Brain Cave
Sport 19m, 11
5.9 Chinese Puzzle Box

FA: Paul Collis & Dave Gliddon, Dez 2011

Sport 22m, 11
5.10c 简单爱 Simple Love
Sport 20m, 9
5.7 小迷惑 Mini-Puzzle

FA: Paul Collis & Dave Gliddon, Dez 2011

Sport 12m, 5
5.11c 98 Octane
5.11b BrietBart Beer
Sport 30m, 11
5.10d Little Sister Mother Fucker

FFA: JJ Wochao

FA: Paul Collis & Dave Gliddon, Dez 2011

Sport 30m, 12
5.11b The Dusty Bolt
Sport 30m, 12
5.11d #fakenews

FA: andrew

5.12d Eclipsed
Sport 25m, 11
5.11b Avoid the Plutoid

Thoughtfull face climbing.

FA: A Dong & Andrew Hedesh, 2009

Sport 23m, 8
5.12c Moon

The extension is an open project

Sport 25m, 8
5.13b 超级月亮 Super Moon

Extension to 'Moon', followed by a short boulder problem.

FA: 萧玉杰, 23 Nov

Sport 29m, 11
5.10b Pookie Gives Permission
Sport 15m, 6
5.10a Riverside Mo-fo
Sport 13m, 5
5.8 Simon Wilson 5.8

Left of the two routes near cave 100m right of other routes.

5.10a Unknown Line

Right of the two routes. Currently sports bail biners at a couple of places. Very loose in places. I accidentally dislodged a toaster sized block before utilising one of the bail biners According to the guide 5.8 but I'm pretty sure it's a couple of grades harder at least.

老羊山 The Goat
5.12a Touching Cloth

Set by Doug Robertson, Jan 2012

Sport 30m, 12
5.12b Prairie Doggin'

FA: Dave Gliddon, Feb 2012

Sport 25m, 11
5.12a Black Thumb

FA: Andrew Hedesh, Aug 2012

Sport 25m, 13
5.12d 18 or 25

Set by Dave Gliddon, Jan 2012

Sport 30m, 12
5.12b The Gash
Sport 30m, 11
5.12d Hung Like a Horse
Sport 30m, 13
5.11d Kicking the Goat
Sport 30m, 12
5.11a Up for interpretation
Sport 15m, 6
5.10d Itchy Crotch
Sport 20m, 11
5.10c Sorry Jimmy
Sport 20m, 11
5.11d Ye Old Goat
Sport 25m, 9
5.10d Kozi Bobek
Sport 16m, 8
5.10c Mops Tufa Dyno
Sport 18m, 7
飞镖 Spearhead
5.10d Precious Gem

FA: Qiu Jiang, 2013

Sport 25m, 13
5.12a Drop your Yolk
Sport 25m, 13
5.13a Arrow
Sport 25m, 13
5.10b Changsha Princess
Sport 16m, 9
5.11d Ssss
Sport 16m, 9
5.12b Ancient Wood
Sport 14m, 8
5.12b Three Levels of Shut the Fuck Up
Sport 14m, 8
The Tunnel
5.8 1
5.9 2
5.10 3

Zeige alle 69 Routen.

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